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10 Ways To Save On and Pay For Your Disneyland Trip!

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Disclosure: This site may contain affiliate links. If you click on the link and make a purchase we may make a small commission. This does not add to your cost or cost you anything!

A family vacation is very important. Especially in these very busy times. Kids have school and activities and parents work. We know how hard it can be living paycheck to paycheck and trying to afford a trip with Disney being so expensive. Even knowing all this we think a Disney trip is worth every penny! Most of the time in our blog we will talk about the Disneyland Resort in California but some of these tips can work for any Disney Parks experience! Here we go…10 ways to pay for or save money on your trip!

1. Use Shopkick- This is an app for your smartphone that’s free to download and the best part….does not cost you a single cent! You can scan items in stores you go to or you get “kicks” which are like points on online purchases. You save up kicks for gift cards and the have Disney Gift cards!

Screen shot from the Shopkick App. Disabled Disney uses this to earn Disney Gift Cards
Shopkick screen shot

2. Use a Disney gift card- You can get a Disney gift card and register it on and you can add money to it and use it as a savings device for your trip! And the great thing is you can use the Disney gift card to buy Park Tickets, in the Parks, or in a Disney store!

3. Vacation Savings Account- Most banks have vacation savings accounts. You can also open an online savings account, separate from your regular bank, and a lot of those are interest bearing! Interest is free money toward your trip!

4. Use a authorized 3rd Party vendor- You can often save on the cost of your trip by using a 3rd Party Authorized Disney Vendor. Like Get Away Today. Make sure you are careful and don’t buy cheap tickets from just anyone! They are often counterfeit and nobody wants their magical trip ruined before they even get in the gate! Use our affiliate link to save and promo code DD2019 .

A suitcase advertising discount tickets for Disneyland.
Discount Disneyland Tickets through Get Away Today

5. Stay off property and a little farther away- this does take some planning but I used hotel apps like (which little an online retailer with Shopkick and you get kicks for booking hotels through them). You do have to pay for parking this way. But if you need to save money in order to go…I can often get a cheaper room this way.

6. Buy 1 annual pass- So this tip requires some math. Annual Passes are super expensive but they give you discounts on merchandise and food in the parks, free parking and free Disney MaxPass (we will do a post on this). You have to figure out how much you are likely to spend and what the cost difference on the Annual Pass versus whatever Park Ticket you were going to buy. Also if you take multiple trips during the year or are taking a long trip, it might be more cost effective to buy and Annual Pass then a regular Park Ticket!

7. Skip Park Hopper- This can add up. The cost to make all your tickets Park Hoppers. We only do Park Hopper if were going for 1 day. Besides once you get into a Park, it takes a lot of time up to leave and go to another one!

8. Bring your own food and drinks- YES! Disney lets you bring in food and drinks! As long as its not alcohol and not glass! We will go over this more in another post as well.

Coke can and cup of ice. You can bring your own food and drinks into Disneyland. Disabled Disney always does
Bring in your own food and drinks to Disneyland

9. Bring your own strollers or wheelchairs- Disney does rent these items. However over a 3 or 4 day period, with rental fees and deposits, you could end up spending a lot of money.

10. Buy souvenirs before you come- Look for sales on Disney shirts and stuffed animals and buy them before you come! Disney does do sales of items and you can buy some items on before you go to the park and save on the costs!

I know we gave you a lot of info! Post any questions and I will try and answer them. Do you have any cost savings tips? Post those! And have a Magical trip!

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