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11 Tips And Tricks For Using A Mobility Scooter At Disneyland

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2 women, 2 men, 1 woman is using a mobility scooter
Disabled Disney at Disneyland

When you have mobility problems going to a place like Disneyland can be a bit overwhelming! You have so many what if I have problems in line? What if I need to sit down?

One way to combat those problems is by renting a mobility scooter! If you want to know how or where to rent a on!

Disability of any kind can keep people from living their lives and traveling. It's hard to take extra equipment or medications in order to be able to have a trip like this. That's why renting equipment can be such a great thing! Then you don't have to take it with you.

So I want you to benefit from my experience, trial, and error to have a less stressed and fun vacation to The Happiest Place On Earth!

My top 11 tricks and tips on using a mobility scooter at Disneyland is here!

1. Don’t turn the speed all the way up!!!! This is super important. If you rent the Disneyland ones, they have recently turned the speed way down. Mobility scooters are very much like operating a car... you want to use the least amount of speed that you can.

2. Take the key with you! Mobility scooters all have a feature that they can put them into neutral and cast members are very good at figuring it out if they need to move them. If you leave the key that opens it up to be stolen. So always take your key!

3. If you rent from a 3rd party retailer always bring your charging cord with you! Disney will charge it for you at the ECV rental place and we have plugged mine into outlets throughout the Parks! If you are planning to stay a long time the battery may not make it all day!

4. Disney calls their mobility scooter's ECV's. They charge $50 per day and $20 deposit to rent. (This is current pricing) Also, they are 1st come 1st served so they may run out!

a woman posing inf front of a purple wall on a mobility scooter
Melissa of Disabled Disney on a rented Disneyland ECV

5. If they do run out they will do a waiting ask to be put on it and they will call your cell phone. One of the days we went last June we decided to rent one instead of using my wheelchair and when we got there at noon they were out! So I got added to the waiting list and about 2:30pm I got the call there was one available for me!

6. When you first get on your rental scooter no matter who it's rented through...give it a little practice run a little...test how it turns....if it's sensitive to pressing the go lever and you have to push it all the way in or if just a little will make it go....

7. People will walk into you..into your way....stop in front of you...and blame you...just accept that you won't ruin your day and get mad at the jerk who stopped in front of you and then gave you a nasty look....they me....

8. Being on a scooter makes everything go more prepared for that...what time it takes you to get somewhere walking will take longer on the scooter simply because there are so many people and navigating around them all just takes more time.

9. At Disneyland Park currently, if you are on a mobility scooter you can no longer take them into Haunted Mansion and Star Tours. They make you leave them. If you can't stand or walk very long they have attraction wheelchair's you can use...they are old though and broken and hard to operate well just FYI.

10. Don't just ride it around all day. Get up and walk a little. Even if it's a few steps around. If I don't do back hurts really bad and I mean they aren't the most comfortable chairs in the world. Bonus Tip: I always bring a blanket or towel to sit on. It makes it more comfortable for me.

11. It's cheaper if you are going for multiple days to rent from a 3rd party then use Disneyland. I found A Scooter 4 U. Call and speak to Jerry...he owns the business and he gives multi-day discounts and if you tell him we referred you he will give you an extra $5 off! They will bring you the scooter to your hotel and pick it up when you're done too! You can call 562-697-7725.

So now all you need to do is book your vacation! Book through Get Away Today and save $10 off of your hotel and ticket package with code DD2019!

Any questions on using or renting a mobility scooter? Leave a comment!

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