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13 Tips On Sightseeing and Activities

3 people standing in front of a door and sign for Uranus Fudge Factory in MO

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When you are on vacation you want to explore and experience whatever the destination you chose has to offer. But how do you decide what to do? This week on our travel blogging series the 13 of us are going to advise you how to go about utilizing sightseeing and activities on your vacation.

1. Don’t over plan from Gofamgo-“Try to not be tempted to overachieve. Enjoy and relax. Don’t drive yourself nuts as I did when we went to Walt Disney World for the first time. Have time for rest and cool spots. Otherwise, it would just feel like you are running appointment after appointment between every hot spot.”

2. Incorporate unusual modes of transportation from Dandelion Seeds- “My best advice is to incorporate some memorable, fun, and unusual-for-you modes of transportation into your sightseeing activities. Preview the area you're visiting online, including mapping distances, then decide who in your family can walk, light rail, bike, or tuk-tuk to whatever sights you're prioritizing. If your kiddos are little, they might get a thrill from an open-air bus tour, and you'll see places where you want to return and spend more time. The internet is great, but there's just no way to replace getting the lay of the land with your own eyes.”

3. Utilize cost saving measures from State By State- “Well, being that we are very budget conscious, we try to participate in family-friendly, inexpensive activities that we all will enjoy. This often includes hiking and playgrounds, but can also be visiting museums and historical sites too. Having an ASTC membership has saved us tons of money and allowed us to visit some incredible museums across the country, for free. If you don't have one of these ASTC memberships, but you enjoy visiting museums when you travel, I highly recommend getting one.”

4. Make a list of priorities also came up quite a bit my advice is –“We make a list of priorities that are important that we get to experience. Everyone gets to pick 1 thing that is we absolutely have to do. That way everyone gets a say in how the vacation goes.”

5. Be flexible from World Wise Kid-“Be flexible and forgiving. Most important is balancing the kids’ and adults’ needs. Check in with everyone and learn how to compromise. Don’t be too attached to an idea of what the experience should be. You might not have time to see it all but you have an introduction to the place and can plan to return someday!”

Trevi Fountain in Rome
Courtesy of World WIse Kid Trevi Fountain Rome

6. Utilize discount deal sites from Grab My Passport-“Discount Deal Sites: We're always checking sites like Groupon or Living Social for deals in the local area. You can find everything on these sites, from discounted shows, activities, restaurants, hotels, and more!”

7. Use an itinerary from Gadsventure-“You have to be incredibly organized when planning your itinerary, especially when you are on a short trip, and when you have a bunch of kids of different ages! With a family in a big city with a short time frame, the most important thing to do is to make a list, then have an itinerary so you get the most out of a destination.”

8. Take a break comes from Captivating Compass-“We found that our kids regularly needed a time to just play - at a park, in the water, along a hiking path or out in a grassy field. Museums are fantastic! Art, history and science are all incredibly inspiring, but don’t forget to sprinkle in a bit of free play to let their little brains organize and process all that information. Now that we have teenagers, we still follow this sightseeing and activity formula. It’s worked for so many years, it's now a comforting routine for all of us.”

Family in front of the Louvre.
Courtesy of Full Time Field Trip- their family in front of the Louvre.

9. Use an umbrella stroller says Mommy and Me Travels-“If traveling in and around Europe, invest in a great umbrella stroller. European attractions and activities (like taking a metro) are usually much more compact than we are accustom to in the USA.”

10. See what the locals recommend comes from Tips From A Typical Mom-“We love to be outdoors so we look for a place with a lot of hiking, camping, swimming or historical sites to see. I start by finding the website for the destination we are going to and seeing what the locals recommend.”

11. Plan your route says Yorkshire Wonders-“If you are visiting a city like London, also take into consideration how close attractions are to each other and plan your route ahead of time.”

A child in front of the Chichen Itza ruin
Chichen Itza courtesy of World For A Girl

12. Consider cultural experiences no matter what your children’s ages are from World For A Girl-“When it comes to family-friendly cultural experiences, it's all about ancient ruins and history museums for us. Visiting ancient ruins with toddlers might sound nightmarish but we love it. From the Acropolis in Athens with a baby to visiting the temples in Bagan, Myanmar with kids we've had nothing but amazing experiences visiting historic ruins. When they were younger, we carried the kids around sites in baby slings but now they run around pretending to be explorers. Likewise, the children really enjoy history museums too. We've had the pleasure of visiting some amazingly child-friendly museums worldwide. For example, visiting South Korea with kids, we found that almost every museum has a superb interactive children's museum attached. A brilliant way of combining sightseeing with play.”

13. Be prepared from Full Time Field Trip-“Be prepared in case you’re out longer than you plan. For us, this means snacks and refillable water bottles. It might be extra diapers or cash for the next family. When you’re in the moment or the commute takes twice as long as planned, be prepared.”

Next time you plan your family vacation please utilize our tips and tricks. If you want to read more from each of these great blogging mommies click on the link and check out their blogs. If you are planning a trip to Southern California Get Away Today can get you discount attraction tickets. Please click on this link to purchase Make sure you check back next week for 13 Tips On Packing Tips!

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