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15 Tips on Doctor Visits

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When you are going to the doctor it's important to keep some things in mind. Whether or not you are disabled, doctor visits can be intimidating and overwhelming. Some of these are very important for disability lifestyle.

1. Always make a list of what you want/need to talk to the doctor about. Even if your doctor will only see you for 1 issue at a time, which is becoming more and more mainstream, you should keep a list.

2. Take notes or bring someone who can take notes while you are speaking with your doctor so you can remember what was said.

3. Take any recent medical records with you. So if you have seen any other medical providers since the last time you saw this physician, take the records with you.

4. If your doctor doesn't provide it, ask for a visit summary. This will give you a record of what happened and if you see other providers you will have the info to take with you.

5. Bring your medications or a list of all medications and dosages you are on.

6. Keep a journal or diary of any symptoms you are planning on discussing. And bring it with you.

7. Relax! Your doctor won't bite and neither will anything in the office. If you get "white coat syndrome" or nervous about doctor appointments do something calming or bring some white noise or calming music with you and earbuds and listen while you are waiting in the waiting room or for your doctor.

8. Keep your orders for tests and things for your next appointments in the same place so you don't lose them.

9. Expect to have to wait. You have to fill out paperwork and doctors often run behind. But that's a good thing and I'll tell you why..if your doctor is taking the time to truly help their patients that they run behind it means they will give you the same attention.

10. Keep a running list of your issues or problems and cross them off as they are addressed.

11. You should also prioritize that list so you have 10 problems/issues you need to be addressed and out of those 10 things assign a number of priority so 1st, 2nd, and so on.

12. Also, leave room for your notes about what the doctor is doing to address said problem/issue under it on your list or bring another paper to take notes on.

13. Arrive a little early. This will give you time to sit down, have your blood pressure equalize or relax and give some time to relax before your appointment.

14. Practice your "speech" I don't know how many times I was determined to say something to my doctor and I get to the appointment and I forget or get scared. I started practicing what I wanted to say and it has made a huge difference for me.

15. Don't hold back. If you are embarrassed about a topic just remember they have been through medical school and training on how to deal with stuff and they will not be embarrassed so there's no reason for you to be.

I hope with this list of tips you will rock your next doctor's appointment. Do you have any questions on what I recommend? Let me know in the comments. Do you have any tricks I didn't list? Tell me in the comments.

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