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5 Things You Should NOT Do In Galaxy's Edge

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

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buildings an spires of Galaxys Edge Disneyland taken by Disabled Disney
Galaxy's Edge Disneyland

With July being our Galaxy's Edge themed is another very important list of things to NOT do in Galaxy's Edge. We were able to experience this awesome new land in Disneyland in June earlier this year. As a disabled person I do look at how disabilities might affect someone in their experience and if you want to know what riding the attraction Millennium Falcon Smuggler's Run was like click here .

The opening date of August 29, 2019 in Walt Disney World is fast approaching. The time to start planning your visit is now! We are affiliates for Get Away Today and if you want a great deal on your Disney vacation please click here! Use promo code DD2019 for $10 off your vacation package.

With this particular list I wanted to let everyone reading this about things they should NOT do in Galaxy's Edge! This is in no particular order.

1. You should NOT make fun of the Storm Troopers! Unless you really want to have some fun!!! Because they interact with the guests who are called Travelers in Galaxy's Edge. Gillian had expressed that she really wanted one if us to get some of the "interaction" so I casually yelled "The Dark Side Sucks!" and boy did she get her interaction!!! Take a look...

2. The second thing you should absolutely NOT do in Galaxy's Edge is watch the fireworks...that is if you have a little one afraid of the sound. The fireworks are shot off in Toon Town and Fantasyland and the Toon Town one's are really close to Galaxy's Edge and it's very, very loud!!!!! They are beautiful though! You also so not get the music or projections so if you want to see all that, go watch on Main Street or The River's Of America.

Fireworks over a building in Galaxy's Edge Disneyland
Disneyland Forever Fireworks as seen in Galaxy's Edge Disneyland

3. Do NOT go to Galaxy's Edge without a budget!!! Stuff in Galaxy's Edge is really cute, really cool and really expensive. So definitely have a budget and have the money talk with your kids on what they can spend and are allowed to get. They have $200 lightsabers, $100 remote control droids that you can make, Authentic Jedi Robes and costume elements, and a $2500 life size R2-D2... No I am not kidding.

Life size version of R2D2 from Star Wars. Blue, silver and white astromech droid
Life Size R2D2 Astromech Droid

4. You should absolutely not just hang out and watch the entertainment develop around you...ok you should do that. Because it does and it will. They have a "show" at the Tye Fighter Transport ship and Storm Troopers walking around, a rebel spy that is "hiding" from them and Kylo Ren! See #1. This is a part where Kylo Ren is yelling at his 1st Order Commander to find the Rebel Spy!

And finally....

5. You should NOT expect to wear out your Jedi Robes. This one is real. They consider any costume purchase a costume and all things they have for sale in Galaxy's Edge like the robes and costume implements fall under Disney's Costume Policy. We were in the shop that sells the Jedi Robes and this one gentleman was upset he couldn't wear his Jedi Robes in Galaxy's Edge. So unless you are under 14...please be aware that you will NOT be allowed to wear them out.

What questions do you have about Galaxy's Edge? Leave it in the comments.....

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