7 Mask Tips for Visiting Disney Parks

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3 people, 2 women, 1 man they are Melissa, Gillian and David from Disabled DISventures
Disabled DISventures at A Touch of Disney

Disney announced a few days ago that in keeping with guidance from the CDC they would bring back a mask policy. Starting July 30th you must wear a mask indoors, no matter what your vaccination status.

By indoors, Disney means on transportation such as busses, the Disney Skyliner and the Disney Monorail, in restaurants, stores and when entering an attraction queue and while experiencing the attraction.

Disney is a private business and private property and they can impose any rules they want. They also do not make any exceptions for people with disabilities that are unable to wear a mask. If you are 2 years old or older… you will have to wear a mask in the stated conditions.

We visited Walt Disney World while wearing masks twice and Disney California Adventure for a Touch of Disney while wearing a mask. We have come up with tips and tricks for mask-wearing at Disney!

Tip 1: Practice wearing your mask at home! If you don't wear one, it can be an uncomfortable experience. Practice while at home like when you are watching tv or do doing chores around the house.

Tip 2: Have multiple types of masks. I have both ear loop and tie ones. I have disposable and homemade cloth as well as some purchased cloth masks.

Tip 3: Bring multiple masks! Your mask can get wet in many ways. In September 2020 when we went to Walt Disney World on one of the days it rained pretty much all day. I had to change out my mask multiple times during the day because it would get soaked and that is horrible to breathe through.

Tip 4: If you wear glasses bring bandaids to keep the mask down. This actually works! Gillian and I saw this on Instagram and I don't remember who it was. We decided to try it and it really helps Gillian's glasses to not fog up.

Girl, blond hair weraing a blacka nd white Jack Skellington Mask with a purple bandaid on the bridge of her nose and purple glasses
Gillian Modeling a Mask With a Bandaid

Tip 5: Schedule a long meal break in the afternoon. This really helped us have better Park experiences. We would schedule a meal break for 2-3 pm-ish. Usually, a sit-down meal or table service meal. You can make this work with quick service or bringing your own food. Just take the time to eat, enjoy your food and your company. Don't rush through it. Or take an afternoon break and go back to the hotel!

Tip 6- Take lots of water and or snack breaks! It helps to make sure you are hydrating or taking snack breaks more often while wearing masks. It gives you a reason to take it off and you need to hydrate while at Disney anyway! Bonus Tip: Bring a reusable water bottle...Disney has fill-up stations!

Tip 7: Try and have fun with your masks! It helps me to have pretty colors or designs because I feel like they are an accessory and it mentally helps me to enjoy wearing the mask. Not that I enjoy it. I don't at all. But a good attitude can help you with dealing with situations that are not so magical. I purchased a few masks on ETSY specifically to match outfits!

I hope these tips help you get through mask-wearing at Disney! If you have problems wearing masks or kiddos with medical issues that can't wear a mask you should reschedule your trip. Please keep in mind that this is just indoors, but if the CDC changes their recommendations to all the time, Disney will change their policy to that as well. These policies can change at any time. Always check the Know Before you go on Walt Disney World and Disneylands website for the most up-to-date info.

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