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7 Tips For Visiting a Disney Park During a Global Epidemic

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David, Melissa and Gillian from Disabled Disney with CInderella Castle painted pink and blue in the background
Disabled Disney at Cinderella Castle

It is September of 2020 and we are still in the middle of the global pandemic known as COVID-19. Cases are dropping but it is still a declared health crisis in the United States. Some things are starting to open and the main theme parks at Walt Disney World opened in July! So we at Disabled Disney flew to Florida and went to Walt Disney World to experience it for our first time and also what it is like during this unprecedented time!

It's difficult to talk about disability access for a place when you haven't experienced it first hand. As Disney disability access is a primary focus of my blog, I needed to get my behind and the rest of me to Walt Disney World so I could see it! You can use these tips for anyone with a wheelchair lifestyle or just a regular person who doesn't need the special Disney disability info.

Tip 1: Test out masks and make sure you are comfortable in the mask you choose to wear BEFORE you go! Don't just decide to buy a bunch of the Disney masks there. They are heavy. I bought 2. I ended up going with disposable masks because they are easier to breathe through and with my asthma, I needed that especially with the heavy humidity in Florida. Also, make sure your mask completely covers your nose and mouth and doesn't have any vents. They don't allow those anymore!

Tip 2: You can remove your mask if you are actively eating or drinking while stationary. Take lots of water and snack breaks! You can bring in your own food and beverages. We brought in nuts, granola bars, beef jerky, water and soda. You need to hydrate well in Florida anyway due to the humidity. Please take breaks, sit down and drink some water. You can remove your mask and it is a welcome respite from wearing it.

Tip 3: Bring several masks per person. So storytime. The first day we were there, we went to Magic Kingdom and went on Seven Dwarves Mine Train. You must wear your masks on the rides. When we came out of the tunnel, it was pouring!! So our masks got soaked! It is more miserable trying to breathe through a wet mask let me tell you! So bring extra so if your masks get wet, get sweaty, or fly off have extra!

David from Disabled Disney eating, holding a cardboard container
Disabled Disney at Pecos Bill Tall Tales Inn and Cafe

Tip 4: Plan meal breaks to give yourself mask-wearing breaks! It really helped us to take a long meal break in the afternoon. We got a decent amount of time with the masks off and replenished us for the rest of the day!

Tip 5: Make sure you are aware of what is going and what is not. There is nothing worse than really liking a show or ride that is down for refurbishment or is down due to COVID still. You can check on what is down in the My Disney Experience app very easily! I highly recommend downloading this before you leave home and getting used to using it at home.

Tip 6: Park hours: Make sure you know the Park hours for planning your Park days. They have been lowering and extending Park hours it seems like every few weeks lately. You must schedule your Park days ahead of time so keep an eye on what the Park hours are so you schedule your Park days accordingly.

Tip 7: If anyone in your party is claustrophobic you might want to wait to go! They have installed these separator things that are plastic in most of the queue lines even on some attractions and it can make you feel very claustrophobic. The masks can also make you feel claustrophobic. Especially if you are not used to wearing them all day long.

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