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April A-Z Blogging Challenge: Eating for Inflammation

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Having a disease like Fibromyalgia and Arthritis causes a lot of discussions with your doctors. One of them is what you can eat that won't add to or cause more inflammation in your body. Both of these cause inflammation as well as many other disorders and just some natural inflammation in your body.

While there are quite a few foods you should avoid...there are also some that help you fight those horrible inflammatory processes.

Some of these might be "no-brainers" but foods to avoid:

1) Sugars-meaning processed ones. Processed sugar hides in many foods. Pretty much anything with an "ose" is a sugar....fructose, sucrose, and dextrose to name a few.

2)Saturated Fats- these are the "not good for you" fats. Normally found in friend foods.

3)Gluten- this is especially true if you have Celiac Disease. If you notice your pain gets worse when you eat gluten you should probably be checked for gluten sensitivity.

4) Casein- this is found in dairy products. Dairy also tends to cause inflammation.

5)Aspartame- This is a sugar substitute. It has been found to be very bad for your health and still, the FDA has it as an approved food additive.

6)Alcohol- Alcohol causes many processes in your body and one of them set off inflammation. Alcohol can also be high in sugars, have wheat and other of these things that set off inflammatory processes.

On the other side of this is the things you should be eating!

1)Tomatoes- They are very good on anti-inflammatories. They are also very delicious and I love them!

2)Olive Oil- I recommend using this over vegetable oil. Olive oil has the type of "good fats" that help with inflammation.

3)Green leafy vegetables: Like kale, spinach, collards. The dark veggies have so much good to them. They come highly recommended unless you are on blood thinners!

4)Fatty fish that are high in Omega-3's: Like salmon and tuna.

5)Fruits: Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and oranges are inflammation busters!

They say think "Mediterranian Diet" because they eat high in inflammation-fighting foods like fish, olive oil and vegetables.

For more information and I am citing sources here: Arthritis Foundation and Harvard Medical School.

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