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April A-Z Blogging Challenge: Good Cause Why I Support the Alzheimer's Association

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One of the charities that we support is the Alzheimer's Association and specifically the Desert Southwest Chapter here in Arizona. I participate in their activities, have spoken at events and do some volunteer work for them!

Alzheimer's is a horrible disease and affects more and more people all the time. The Alzheimer's Association does research into treatments, diagnostic procedures, and they are hoping for a cure.

My maternal grandmother had Alzheimer's and we took care of her at home. It is a progressive, neurological disorder and eventually, you can't function at all. You forget how to do everything. My grandmother was in her 50's when she was diagnosed. She passed away at 62 years old from Alzheimer's Disease.

The normal age of onset is 65. If you are diagnosed younger it is considered younger-onset Alzheimer's. Younger-onset Alzheimer's is not studied well and it is pretty hard to get a diagnosis for it. I have been having symptoms that my grandmother had in her 40's.

I have had many tests trying to diagnose me and I have no diagnosis at this time. But none of the doctors I have seen want to even talk about it could be younger-onset Alzheimer's. I understand its a death sentence because there is currently no real treatment available.

I spoke about my experience at their 2019 Alzheimer's Association Gala. It was a great experience. I am in a support group that is telephone-based and I got to meet people in my group that were speaking as well.

3 people
Melissa from Disabled Disney and 2 other speakers from the Love Not Forgotten Gala

I also participate in fundraising events like the Walk To End Alzheimer's and The Longest Day.

The Walk To End Alzheimer's

This event is a group walking event. Being disabled I use my mobility scooter to participate in this event. They have vendors, snacks, entertainment and all sorts of fun and recognizing people with this event.

Last year they did a Day of The Dead celebration and I took photos of my mom and grandma to put on the celebration area.

The Longest Day

The Longest Day takes place on the Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year. You can do anything! I do a rock painting activity. I didn't get very many people to come but I am hoping for a larger turnout this year!


Like any organization, the Alzheimer's Association needs volunteers to operate. I can't do much physically but I help with phone calls for the Alzheimer's Walk Committee. If you have some free time you should check with your local association and see if you can help them in some way.

I love helping out organizations that do good. This is just the latest one that I am supporting. Who do you support?

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