April Blogging A-Z Challenge

a notebook page with clouds and stars and the word April written out with A 2 Z on the bottom
April A-Z

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Today is April 1st. Normally I would probably make some kind of April Fools Joke. This April is unlike any other before. Because the world is basically closed. Yes, I said it...the whole world is closed. You can't travel between countries, even travel within your own country is frowned on. Most of our major cities are on some form of shelter in place order.

During this unprecedented time in history it feels weird to me just to be blogging about my normal stuff. But I also think that some normal could be a good respite. So I signed up to do this April blogging A-Z challenge. And I decided to go ahead with it. So each day will be a blog post with the theme of a letter of the alphabet A-Z!

I am so looking forward to this journey and having a blog post every day for the month of April. I am trying to keep themes based on what I write so Disney, Disney travel, disability themes, and disability lifestyle themes.

I hope you are all looking forward to reading what I am writing!

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