April Blogging A-Z Challenge: Budget Travel Tips

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Travel can be an expensive proposition for anyone but it can be more so as part of a disabled lifestyle. We need to have certain types of hotel rooms and accommodations, special equipment and medications that can require a specific set of circumstances. Some of what I am going to cover is disability travel resources as well as some that can be for anyone traveling!

Tip 1: Know the difference between cost and worth. Sometimes booking your vacations can be done cheaper through discount websites like Booking or Expedia, ETC., but you get what you pay for. Most times with websites like these you can't get the room types you want or need. If you use a travel agent you have someone to help you and go to bat for you. Things like the travel industry collapse that happened due to Covid-19, people who didn't use a travel agent had to weed through the hoops the companies put up on their own. If you used a travel agent they would do it for you and could get recompense that sometimes without that advocate on your side people weren't getting.

We recommend Melissa at Looking Glass Travel

Tip 2: For disabled hotel rooms use Accessible Go. They have resources for the 30 most traveled U.S. Cities and can help find your accessibility needs.

Tip 3: Be flexible on flights. The best budget tip is being able to flexible on your flights if you can. Websites now give you an option to look a day before or after to see if it's cheaper!

Tip 4: Make a budget and stick to it! I know this sounds super simple but it's not. You know you're going to want to splurge on something like a meal or memento then build in a splurge fund. That way you aren't busting your budget to have a little something extra.

Tip 5: If you want to book your own Disney vacations go through Get Away Today. They are an online travel agency but they have a layaway plan, travel insurance, and their tickets are a few dollars cheaper than the gate price. IF you book a qualifying package you can use promo code DD2019 for an extra $10!!

Tip 6: We have a resources page where you can get links to a wheelchair, mobility scooter, wheelchair accessible vans, and stroller rentals! Make sure you bookmark it and if you need those on vacation use our resources!

Tip 7: If you have no other to afford travel then using sites like Booking or Expedia...read everything carefully. I myself use Booking quite a bit. It is a great budget site to use. Just understand all of what you are agreeing to.

Tip 8: Pack lightly and use clothing that are multitaskers! If you are flying this can save you in paying for baggage fees and if you are driving the lighter the car the cheaper the gas!

Tip 9: Travel insurance isn't ALWAYS a necessity BUT you should know what your coverages are. Know what your medical insurance will cover if you are sick or injured out of state or country. Do you need insurance for your rental car? Look at your car insurance it may cover a rental car. When in doubt we DO recommend it because more is better than nothing.

Tip 10: Buying souvenirs and things to do are expensive on vacation. Hit up stores with sales and bring a few things with you for the kids. If you are going to Disney go to the Disney Store and buy some things on sale. Pull them out when the kids say they want something. Buy some cheap games at a dollar store or fun things when the kids complain or there is an unforeseen delay pull them out.

Tip 11: Use public transportation. In most major cities using buses or trains os a normal way to get around and they are usually handicapped friendly. Do research before you leave home on what your transportation options will be.

Tip 12: Use a credit card that rewards you with miles. If you fly often that will help cut down the cost of your flights and give you rewards.

Tip 13: Use Uber or Lyft instead of taxis. Uber and Lyft have been trying to compete in this market and one way they do that is by being cheaper. You can get quotes from them prior to needing it. One disability tip is they have a box you can request a wheelchair-accessible vehicle!

Tip 14: Use a grocery delivery service so you can have some meals/drinks in your hotel room. Places like Amazon Fresh or Instacart. It will save you money on eating out.

Tip 15: Find cheap or free things to do on vacation. Some places have free days or discount entry hours or even don't charge you to go. Do some research before you go.

There is so much travel out there and available to people. So go and travel....see things...experience things....and make new memories for yourself and with family and friends!

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