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Benefits Of Staying On Property

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Disneyland Hotel Room Key

A Disney trip is fun, exciting and an experience you will remember forever! It’s also pretty expensive! Staying off property meaning at a hotel not on Disney property can be a less expensive option if money is a deciding factor for you. We have stayed on property at Disneyland twice and I have to tell you there are benefits to staying on property. Most of this applies to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World but there are differences and I can only really speak to Disneyland because that’s where we go. These are no particular order just the benefits of staying at a Disney Resort Hotel.

1) You never have to leave the magic!- Disney magic or the experience of Disney is one of a kind and nobody has been able to replicate it! Try as they might. Disney literally thinks of everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! When we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel after their renovation, the headboards now have fireworks in them! You turn them on and fall asleep to the beautiful show!

2) There is a hotel guest only entrance to California Adventure Park- Disney has 3 hotels in California. The Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Paradise Pier and Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa. The entrance is from the Grand Californian but all you need is a hotel key from ANY of the hotels and you can enter the Park!

3) Extra Magic Hours- When we stayed at Paradise Pier in 2010 and the Disneyland Hotel in 2012, I didn’t know this and I wish I had. You can utilize Extra Magic Hours every day they are available for every day of your hotel stay! Even your check in day!!! Disney will hold your luggage and text you when your room is ready! So…say Extra Magic Hours are 7am-8am at Disneyland. You can go check in at 6am…go to Disneyland to utilize your Extra Magic Hour, and when your hotel is ready like 2 or 3pm (sometimes earlier) they text you can you can go take a nap, unpack, get something to eat….and head back to the Park later!

4) Stuff you buy can be taken to your hotel- When you’re at Disney you want souvenirs. But carrying stuff around the Parks can get to be a burden. If you are staying on property, you just give them your room card and they will take your stuff to the hotel and sometimes even put them in your room! It can take up to 24 hours so plan accordingly! When we went for Christmas in 2010, I got most of my daughter’s Christmas presents in the Park and had them sent to the room so she didn’t see them!

5) You’re close enough to take naps- If you have little ones that need to nap, or older people that need to nap, or just like the option of going back to the hotel in the afternoon…staying on property is the best! You can just go back to your room and you don’t have to load up the car, deal with traffic and parking!

We have only stayed on property twice. We have gone many times more than that and stayed in cheaper hotels so we could do it. If you budget for it on your trip it is worth the cost. Also check out Get Away Today you can make payments on your hotel package!

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