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Best Time To go to Disney

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

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Ok I get this questions a lot. When is the best time to go? I mean I want to say…is there a bad time to go to a Disney Park? When we go, even if it’s busy, there is a feeling of peaceful and happiness just walking through the gates!

So I have been going to Disneyland since I was a little kid. I have never been to Walt Disney World, but I have heard a lot of this can be used for either Park. I have been to Disneyland as a kid, a teen, a young adult with my boyfriend, with my mom, with my daughter, with nieces and nephews, as a mobile person and as a mobility challenged person. So I have a lot of experience with Disneyland.

There are certain times of the year that are busier than others. I think you need to know what you expectations are before you go. If you are determined to have a good time no matter the crowd, then any time is good to visit!

If you are trying to go during “off peak” times then you want to go in January and February. As long as it’s not a Disney Marathon Weekend or there is another event. January and February are the slowest times for crowds.

If you want to experience Halloweena, go in September for Disneyland and August for Walt Disney World. They put up Halloween decorations in September for Disneyland and August for Walt Disney World. If you want to experience Christmas with less crowds, go in November. They take down the Halloween decorations and pretty much immediately put up Christmas decorations.

Another thing to consider is school holidays are busier then non-school holiday times. One thing that we do is look at block out dates on the local Annual Pass dates. Because the locals tend to stay away on those dates. Because Disneyland is highly utilized by locals, during the week crowds tend to be lower than weekends. Keep in mind if you visit during the week not all the shows or entertainment will be happening. Make sure you check the entertainment calendar to know what is going on.

If you need help planning your Disney vacation please visit Get Away Today and use code DD10 for $10 off of your vacation package! Get Away Today can save you on hotel and Park tickets! They are currently having a great deal on Disneyland tickets for use until May 23, 2019.

Please leave a comment on when you think the best time to visit Disney Parks!

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