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Budgeting For Souvenirs

a purple purse with Minnie Mouse on it
Purple Potion Minnie Mouse Purse from Disneyland

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Let’s talk Souvenirs! I don’t know about everyone else but being on disability and being disabled is hard on our budget! I don’t earn very much and get no extra government assistance even though it’s greatly assumed that we do. So one huge travel tip I have is budget and save for souvenirs!

There are a lot of costs associated with travel. And Disney is very, very expensive. So here is a few tips on souvenirs!

1. Have the kids start earning souvenir money. Make a chore list and assign a monetary value and when they complete it you put money toward their souvenirs.

2. We buy Disney gift cards at grocery stores as a way to save for our Disney trip. So every week when I go to the grocery store I buy a $25 gift card. You can then go to this website to combine the cards into 1.

3. You can buy Disney gift cards at if you don't want to do the grocery store option. Every week buy and electronic card and combine them on the gift card website.

4. Decide on a souvenir budget for each member of the family and then stick to it! This can get difficult though when you get there and the kids want everything in sight! So that brings me to my next tip.

5. Look at and local stores for sales on Disney merchandise, buy it on sale and bring it with you. Then you can give it to your kids when you're there!

6. I use the app Shopkick it's available on Andriod and I phone. Please use my code GOAL421208 when you join! You get "kicks" which are points and you earn gift cards and Disney is one of the options!

7. The last tip is to look at the ShopDisney website. To estimate costs for souvenirs. The regular price they have is either equivalent or fairly equivalent to the Parks costs.

When you are planning a Disney vacation what is most important? Location of hotel, ticket prices or something else? Tell me in the comments.

When you are ready to plan your next vacation think Get Away Today. They have a sale right now for Disney where you get an extra day free! Also kids play free in San Diego for the month of October AND they have a BIG BIG cruise sale!!!

Click here for Disney

Click here for San Diego

Click here for Cruise info but to book you must call 877-510-2929 and tell them Disabled Disney referred you

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