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Buena Vista Street To Open In November

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Gillian, David and Melissa of Disabled Disney in front of a painting of the castle in Downtown Disney
Disabled Disney at Downtown Disney

Disney has announced that starting sometime in November they will be opening Buena Vista Street in Disney's California Adventure Park for dining and shopping opportunities!! So let's take a look at what this means!

If you have been following along with the saga of reopening Disneyland, you know that as the Magic 8 Ball would say "the outlook doesn't look good". Based on the new guidelines established by the state of California in order to open the Parks the county that Disneyland is in must reach yellow status.

According to most of the experts that is unlikely to happen before next Summer.

So what does this mean that they can open Buena Vista Street?

According to the Disney Parks Blog, you will be able to shop and eat on Buena Vista Street starting in November! I think it's a good sign they are slowly able to reopen some areas. They will be able to hopefully have more guests with more areas open. It definitely adds to the appeal to head to Downtown Disney.

What are you going to be able to do? Well, You will be able to shop at Elias & Co. It is divided into sections for women, men, and children. You will also be able to shop at Julius Katz & Sons which will have holiday merchandise and Disney themed home decor! Kingswell Camera Shop will be open. That is the photo store so photo frames, albums, and whatever treasures they will have available.

You will be able to go to Fidler, Fifer and Practical Cafe and swing by and enjoy a cup of joe!

You will be able to purchase treats at Trolley Treats! They will have carts offering popcorn, churros, ice-cream, and more treats!

You will be able to eat at Carthay Circle Lounge which will reportedly have a new menu. And Smokejumpers Grill will be open for quick-service food like hamburgers and they have that amazing S'more!!! For this one, it is recommended to download the Disneyland App to mobile order!

it si a S'more with a layer of chocolate on the top and 2 chocolate covered graham crackers and a large marshmallow
S'more from Smokejumpers Grill Disney's California Adventure

If you plan to visit you should be aware of a few things!

If they have too many people parking may be closed. You might want to think about alternatives to driving.

You must social distance and wear a mask! Disney has quite a few mask rules in place now. No vents or gaiters, mask must cover your nose and mouth and have at least 2 layers of material. For more information visit Downtown Disney Info .

Signs with health and safety regulations for Downtown Disney and COVID warning
Signs In Downtown Disney August 2020

Once it does open we will visit and report back how everything looks and what is open so you can decide if it is something you want to do.

I keep getting asked this question so I want to take a moment and talk about Disney's mask requirement. I know this is a deviation for Disney but they are not making ANY accommodations for anyone at any age regarding wearing a mask. I am not trying to be mean with this I just want you to be prepared. If your child who is we will say 6 years old and is autistic and can't wear a mask because it bothers him/her the sad truth is right now you can't take them. Try and find some way to give them that Disney magic at home.

Watch Disney movies, work on Disney crafts, make Disney inspired treats, or whatever works for you and your little one. Watch Disney videos on Youtube. My friend at All Access Disneyland wrote a blog post compiling all the attractions at Disneyland and I did the same for Walt Disney World.

Take a walk through Downtown Disney?

Are you ready to visit a Disney Park? Walt Disney World is open!!! We recommend Get Away Today and if you use our promo code DDCREW you will get $10 off your vacation!!!

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