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Cruella Review Spoiler Free..Well Almost Spoiler Free

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Cruella Movie Poster

I have so many thoughts on Cruella! Hopefully I can organize them for you and not spoil it! Deep breaths and here...we...gooooo!!!

Ok to start with if you have seen 101 Dalmations you know what this movie is based on. The puppy stealing crazy lady. Yuppers! Personally I never liked 101 Dalmations, shocking I know...I always thought Cruella DeVil was someone's coked-out crazy aunt.

This movie literally made me LOVE Cruella!!! I know I am burying the Let's ignore the pull at your heartstrings beginning this movie has. I am not giving spoilers here but let's face it...most all Disney movies have rough, sad starts for their heroines. You better believe in this movie Cruella is the heroine.

There has to be some heartbreak and hardships to overcome. I mean nobody survives childhood unscathed, right? We are all in some way damaged. That's just life.

So she has to undergo this emotional turmoil to get where she is destined to become...A fashion designer. This movie is a little more rough world than The Devil Wears Prada. It is based in the 60's and 70's so we are talking full-on horrible fashion era. And she becomes this instant success! Ok little spoiler...sorry. I am only human..

She makes friends, makes enemies and makes her grand debut! As Cruella! The whole time playing duel roles as the good version of herself and the more edgy version. Finally giving in to the person she was meant to be.

I love the easter eggs and nods to the original movies! There are some great moments! Some very surprising moments! Some downright, I KNEW IT!!! moments.

The clothes and the music make this movie! It has an amazing soundtrack.

There are some puppies. They are not the cutesy ones from 101 Dalmations but the dogs are some great characters. They are a little on the mean side. (Just FYI for little ones afraid of dogs there are a few moments that may make them scared). Some of the funniest moments in the movie happen with the dogs! And not the Dalmations!

There is some violence and suggestion of violence in the movie that may be inappropriate for little ones. You know your kiddos best. It is rated PG-13. There is partying and alcohol use and references as well as smoking. Some mild language and English slang terms may just float over the kids' heads. To me, it is definitely something you might want to just watch with the older ones.

My absolute favorite part is when she is realizing she just needs to be herself. There is so much in us and parts of us we suppress due to societal pressure and family pressure and when she just lets go and is her, she becomes herself. Albeit she is a little scary and not very nice, but the world wouldn't be fun without a little Cruella in us all!

You can see Cruella in theaters and with Premiere Access for $29.99 on Disney+! They already have a sequel going into pre-production and I can't wait!

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