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Disastrous Life Changes and Other Stories

Anyone who reads my writing knows that I have a lot of medical issues. I have basically built this around how I travel and do things while coping with my issues. We haven't been as forthcoming with David's increasing medical problems as we have with mine.

We also announced that we were moving to Florida! We didn't go into much info on why or what was happening but I am going to now.

We decided about 2 years ago that we were going to try and buy an RV and travel the country and really take Disabled DISventures mobile! Show different areas of the U.S. and how you can travel with disabilities.

Well life happened and we weren't really making that happen. One day last September one of David's friends who had moved to Florida called him and was like, "where are you with this process"? Because I need you to move to Florida so you can help my husband he has to have a couple of serious surgeries.

So we really buckled down getting done what we needed to do to get financed. David gave notice at work and they hired a replacement and he started training that person.

Right as we were getting ready to get all the financing done his boss fired him.

We aren't independently wealthy, well not wealthy at all so that stopped that plan from moving forward. And we were all actually getting excited to be in Florida.

So he calls his friend and is like we can't come, no RV. Which means no place to live. So she goes....I have this 5th wheel I m selling you can buy that. We will let you make payments.

I was like...well what condition is it in? She was like...great condition! So we decided to do it!

AND packed up what we could fit in a Uhaul trailer and our car and sold the rest!

its a Uhaul trailer and the back end of our Red Mitsubishi Outlander
Uhaul Trailer

Then after over 2000 miles and a bunch of states and 6 days of driving, we got to Florida.

This 5th was once a very nice one. It has been sitting here for at least a year now and nothing is working correctly. Some things don't work at all. There are several areas where water is actively leaking currently. Its raining as I write this and I can give you 3 spots I know rain is coming into the trailer.

She wanted us to purchase it for $13,500. This is not worth that at all. So we got in a big fight. Last week she told us we had to sign an agreement right that second or get out that day. I don't "do" ultimatums so we told her we would leave. Her husband, much clearer-headed about everything that is going on, gave us through the weekend.

Its the following weekend and we are still here. Cause we can't find anywhere we can afford to rent! Everything that we have applied for has at least 20 other people applying for it as well. Come this weekend..if we don't have a place..we are moving to a crappy, over-priced pay by week motel which by all the reviews are roach and bedbug infested.

So I am very depressed right now and haven't really felt up to posting on Social Media or anything. Everything has literally fallen apart for us.

Back to David's health problems, a few years ago he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He is having so much trouble breathing here because of the humidity. I am too, to be honest. I cough for at least an hour in the morning to be able to breathe. Even with breathing treatments.

Its making everything more difficult because David was driving for Lyft and he isn't really feeling up to that right now so that's less income. When he has gone out people here in Florida have been very rude to him. Calling him stupid and lots of other very not nice stuff. He doesn't know the area yet but Lyft has you follow a certain route and they call him stupid for not deviating the way they want him to go.

So to sum up moving to Florida might have been the worst move/decision we have ever made. Even including that one home that we moved to that, we got the Sheriff called on us to evict us because we weren't leasing through the homeowner apparently.

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