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Disney Adds Disability Halloween Costumes for Kids

blue and pink carriage cover for a wheelchair
Cinderella Wheelchair Cover

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There is some great news for kids in wheelchairs this Halloween! ShopDisney has added 2 Halloween outfits for kids! They are wheelchair covers!

One for girls pictured at the beginning of my post is Cinderella's Coach. These covers make your little princess look like she is in the coach! Just dress her up like Cinderella, put the cover on and voila she looks like she is riding in the coach! All that is missing is the horses to pull her carriage!

looks like a black sports car wheelchair cover
Incredimobile Wheelchair Cover

The option for a boy is he is riding in the Incredibles 2 car for Mr. Incredible! Dress him as an Mr. Incredible or Dash! Or if your little girl loves the Incredibles, dress her as Violet and she can use this cover as well!

Or if your kids are the adventurous type, Your little girl can be Mr. Incredible and your little boy can be Cinderella!!

It's Halloween...have fun with it!!! If you want these order quickly! They will go fast.

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