Disney+ Is It Worth It?

So on November 12, 2019, Disney, launched Disney+. It is a digital streaming service of Disney video content. Movies, tv shows, and everything from documentaries to some big blockbuster hits! Launching this service was one of the huge factors in Disney purchasing Fox.

Currently, the cost is $6.99 per month for this service. I do anticipate within a year it will go up. If you were a D23 member you could purchase 3 years worth for a several dollar a month discount. But you had to pay 3 years worth upfront. Being disabled I don't have that kind of money just laying around. So I signed up for the monthly service fee.

Yesterday morning my daughter woke me up at 4;30 am MST. That is our time. It was set to launch at 5 am our time so I thought I would look. Lo and behold the app was finally there! I have a Roku and I was able to add the app for Disney+ and log in.

Now when I signed up it didn't take any information from me. So when I went to log in I wasn't sure what would happen. I put my email address in and it asked me for a password. Again when I signed up it didn't ask me to set a password. So I guessed and input my Disneyland password. Yup, that worked!

So I then found out later that it was causing havoc for people. Thinking they needed a new password and it ended up changing their My Disney Experience password. Apparently Disney lets you use the same password across all systems. So if you have an email and password for My Disney Experience you can use the same one for Disney+ or the Disneyland app or even the Disney Cruise Line app!

So little tip if you have trouble logging into any of your Disney websites/apps use the password you made for Disney+ because you probably changed it!

When I first logged in..there were several bugs. I couldn't choose an avatar. There were none there. When I searched for a movie they were off by 1. So I was looking for Mary Poppins but when I clicked on it, it opened the one before it! So I went to the one after it and there it was!

When I played Captain Marvel it had subtitles. When we watched The Mandalorian it had subtitles...in German!

Also, many of the offerings that I tried to play would either kick me out or freeze up the app! This was happening to many, many people. Oh, and the ones who pre-purchased the 3 years...some weren't able to get in at all!.

a Tweet from Disney+ that reads: The demand for #DisneyPlus has exceeded our highest expectations. We are so pleased you're excited to watch all your favorites and are working quickly to resolve any current issues. We appreciate your patience.
Tweet Disney+ sent yesterday

So yeah they have some issues they need to correct. But I found a lot of stuff I really liked! Like they have extras! Netflix doesn't offer extras!

photo is a page of extras from Disney+ in Zootopia
Disney+ Extras Tab on Zootopia

They have deleted scenes! At least for Zootopia. I saw these and wow...I love deleted scenes and behind the scenes stuff! That's really taking streaming service to the next level!

So we watched Mary Poppins, Captain Marvel, The Mandalorian, Star Wars Blips and Noelle yesterday. Mary Poppins is, of course, a Disney classic but it had been years since I had seen it and I wanted to watch it!

Don't kill me but I hadn't seen Captain Marvel yet and since they released the list of available titles I was waiting for the launch to watch it. I actually liked it. There were a lot of MCU continuity issues. And I have so many questions but that stuff aside it was pretty entertaining.

The Mandalorian. I mean it was really good. Only 1 episode is available so far but it is something we will be watching. I don't want to give any spoilers but it had a super surprise ending. There was a lot of violence. It was great Star Wars stuff!

Star Wars Blips is an animated short. It is about the droids and I love all the droids. It was so funny. We watched a few of them and it is one series I hope they keep doing more!

Let's talk Noelle. I love Christmas movies, tv shows really anything Christmas themed. This movie was really good. Oh and most of the movie takes place in Phoenix, AZ! When they said Phoenix I was like "ahhhh when did they film this!!!" I don't remember hearing about this being filmed and was so surprised.

So I am sitting here now and writing this while watching The World According To Jeff Goldblum. I am on Episode 1 which is about tennis shoes. It's pretty entertaining I do have to say. I am looking forward to watching more.

There is so much to watch on Disney+ and I am so happy it is finally here. Of course, we love Disney, but if it wasn't good I would tell you. So far I am very pleased with the content. Yes, they need to work out some bugs but I am very hopeful going forward!

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