Disney+ Originals What Should You Be Watching

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Disney+ came out on November 12th and there was a lot that went wrong due to overwhelming numbers of subscribers. But after watching now for several weeks I am confident in saying this Disney network has great potential to be the best streaming network out there! I am not just saying that because I love Disney. I am saying that because of the quality of the original programming!

Disney+ is steaming for $6.99 per month. They have Disney Original Programming, Disney Jr., Classic Disney Movies, titles like The Simpsons, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Apple Dumpling Gang, my favorite Pollyanna and so much more!

The first show you should be watching is The Mandalorian. Yes, it is Star Wars. But before you say, "well, I don't like Star Wars", you should give this a chance! If you like action stuff your most likely going to like this. It's about a bounty hunter and what he does for a living. It is a little violent but not gory violent. You see them shoot weapons and fight. And since we don't have a race description they have the cutest little baby called The Child if you've heard of this he is "Baby Yoda".

The second show you need to watch is The Imagineering Story! Especially if you like true stories. It's about how Disney Imagineering works, came to be, and how they made our favorite Disney attractions!

The third show I am loving is Encore!. This show is about high school drama performers coming back to reperform their high school roles! They bring them back and put on a musical in a week! It brings back fond memories of high school and watching my friends in their plays. For me auditioning was scary and I never ended up getting a role.

The last show I am going to encourage you to watch is The World According To Jeff Goldblume. This show is funny and I didn't really know how much this show was missing in my life.

These original programming content on Disney+ is worth the price of admission in my humble opinion.

Have you purchased Disney+ yet? Have you watched any of these shows? What do you think of the original programming?

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