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a woman wearing a blue dress, red fascinator standing with mountains in the background
Melissa from Disabled Disney Disneybound as Agent Carter

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So I recently decided I wanted to do a Disneybound. So the first time I heard about Disneybounding was on Instagram. When I made all of our Disabled Disney accounts and started following Disney people, a lot of them were doing Disneybounds!

People do everywhere from really simple ones that are just a shirt and pants all the way to wigs and full princess gowns! So I interviewed one Disneybounder I follow on Instagram. That video will be on our YouTube channel soon!

A Daily Disneybounder

This is Sarah Chan. Her Instagram is disneyminnie01.

a photo grid. upper left a girl wearing green clothing. upper right Tiana. lower left a green bow lower right Tiana and Prince Naveen as frogs
Sarah Chan disneyminnie01 Disneybound

photo grid: on left girl wearing a dress on bottom a charm bracelet, left on top Michael from Peter Pan, right on top girl holding a bear
Sarah Chan disneyminnie01 Disneybound

photo grid: pic on right girl wearning blue vest, yellow top and brown pants, top left pic of Rizzo The Rat, bottom left a necklace and pin
Sarah Chan disneyminnie01 Disneybound

I love how she posts her outfit, sometimes it's flat lays, the character that inspired her and her accessories! She does so many different outfits from just color to full outfits that look like they could be worn by the character!

My Disneybound

So I started thinking. What character DO I want to Disneybound as? What clothes do I have that I can make into a Disneybound?

I love HerUniverse! They make clothes inspired by our favorite characters! I had purchased this HerUniverse Agent Carter Dress from Hot Topic so I thought I would start with that. Then I was thinking about her hat and oh my gosh are they expensive! So my brain about a fascinator?! So I went to JJ's House and purchased a red fascinator!

And easy as that I was Disneybounding!

woman wearing a blue dress with mountains in the background
Melissa from Disabled Disney Disneybound as Agent Carter

I have more HerUniverse clothing and will be doing some more of these probably! As well as just trying to do some color outfits.

So my question for you is do you guys do ANY bounding? Disney, Harry Potter, or any fandom? Who are your favorites to dress as? Tell me in the comments! And follow Sarah disneyminnie01 on Instagram!

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