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Everyday Items That Help When You Have Disabilities

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

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When you are disabled, sometimes everyday things get to be more difficult then you ever though possible. People who don't have disabilities go through their lives, sometimes never having any difficulty and don't understand some of our challenges. It's not their fault but you can't really take advice from them on what products might be beneficial to someone with disabilities.

I have mobility disabilities and I know through doing research a lot of products recommended out there are written by people without disabilities. From someone with these problems I am going to tell you what I use and what helps me! If it can help you solve a problem then my writing this has done what I hope for it!

Showers Are The Bane Of My Existence

The title of this section is very accurate. Having fibromyalgia taking showers is almost a Herculean task. Not only do they make me more tired, but with my arthritis and losing my ability to bend my knees, I can't get over the bathtub to get in the shower. I get cold using a shower wand, and my hands fall asleep when I am washing my hair.

Finding tools to help with these have taken me some time. I mean some are pretty easy to figure out. But some have taken some doing.

Shower Chair

The first thing I started using was a shower chair. This helped me stop feeling like I was going to fall every time I took a shower. It's the first basic tool I use in my everyday life. Now where do you look for a shower chair. I recommend The Wright Stuff they are great company for all your disability living needs. I use a transfer bench due to my bathtub like this one. Transfer Shower Bench.

a transfer shower bench
Melissa from Disabled Disney's Transfer Shower Bench

If you are using a transfer bench you need a transfer bench shower curtain. I don't have one yet but it is the next thing I am buying. I have 3 shower curtains to try and keep the water from my bathroom floor.

It has 3 sections to help you cover the area to use behind, over and in front of your bench. I will update this article after I get mine.

Shower Head

One of the things I hate most in the shower is being cold! I needed to use a shower wand and the problem with that is you only have the water where the wand is so when I would use it say on my feet, my back would get cold.

I finally started looking around because I knew there had to be a better answer. I found it at Home Depot! It's a shower head with a wand. The best part is even when you are using the wand...water still comes out of the head!

This is the one I use. It's a Delta so its great product. I have been using this now for several years and it is a comfort measure for me that is worth the money! The best part is right now Home Depot has lowered the price by $10!! It was easy to install and gives me the functionality of the wand that I need and the comfort of always running water on my back.

Shampoo Brush

woman using a shampoo brush to wash hair
Melissa from Disabled Disney using a shampoo brush

This one took a little bit of convincing for me. My daughter actually talked me into it. She asked if I could buy her a shampoo brush and I had never used one. But I bought it for her. I asked her to use it once to see what it was like and it helped me so much that I bought my own!

With my arthritis this brush actually helps me shampoo my hair and maintain my independence for myself. My fingers fall asleep and trying to manipulate the shampoo can be difficult.

With this shampoo brush I just put the shampoo on the brush and using a circular motion, run the brush through my scalp to massage the shampoo through my hair and scalp. My fingers don't hurt anymore when I am trying to wash my hair and it makes it so I don't have to ask for help because my fingers don't fall asleep anymore when I am trying to wash my hair.

Best of all my hair is getting clean! It was feeling horribly greasy.

Ok, Ok... I have a lot of shower moving on!

Mobility Scooter

I love having a mobility scooter. There are so many benefits to using one. I do have a wheelchair to use but I often need help with the wheelchair and getting someone to push me can be difficult.

When it comes to choosing a mobility scooter there is a lot of choice! Now I bought mine used from a friend so I have not actually chosen a product or company I like yet. My friend was getting rid of the one she had so I bought it. It's a Lynx L-3. And it's a travel scooter so it comes apart and fits nicely in my trunk!

Warning*** My kid and husband are silly!

It is very easy to operate and here I am operating it!

We don't currently have a company or product we recommend but there are a lot of products out there! If you want to try it before you buy it we recommend renting one and we do have several companies we work with for rentals.

In California we recommend A Scooter 4 You owned by Jerry. Tell him Disabled Disney sent you for 5% off. In Florida we work with Amusement Park Rentals use code DisabledDisney for 10% off!

I know I put a lot of information into this article! Do you have questions? Please ask in the comments! Please share this article and let me know what you think!

Do you have plans to travel this summer? We are also working with Get Away Today! We can get you discount theme park tickets and IF you book a qualifying package you can use our code DD2019 for $10 off!

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