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Galaxy's Edge Food and Drinks

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

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Disney Ronto Wrap which is a sausage, pulled pork, coleslaw in a PITA bread
Ronto Wrap from Rontos Roasters Galaxys Edge

When we finally got into Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland when we went in June, we were hungry! When you are traveling its good to look at the local cuisine. Here are some travel tips for Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland! For the foodie in all of us!

Galaxy's Edge has two dinning locations and a bar. The first dinning location is Docking Bay 7 and since we didn't eat there...I cant tell how it is. That will be our next trip!

The second place is Ronto Roaster's. It is a great quick service option. You can mobile order but they seemed to process orders quickly. We ordered one of the drinks Tatooine Sunset, the Ronto Wrap and the Nuna Turkey Jerky.

drink made with tea, lemonade and fruit from Disneyland
Tatooine Sunset at Ronto Roaster's Disneyland

The Tatooine Sunset is Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea, Odwalla Lemonade,with melon and blueberry. It was delicious. It was refreshing and a tad sweet. You could definitely taste the melon flavors and the citrus from the lemonade. It was the best Arnold Palmer I've ever had!!! So if you like iced tea and lemonade at $5.49 this will be your go to drink on Batuu...

The Ronto Wrap (photo above) is a roasted pork, a grilled pork sausage, peppercorn sauce, slaw, in a pita bread. The roasted pork reminded me of pulled pork. It was tender and moist. The pork sausage was crisp to bite and very seasoned. It is just a little on the spicy side especially with the peppercorn sauce. With my stomach problems I would not be able to eat one by myself but thats ok because I have people to help me eat it! The slaw brings it all together and adds that crunchy bite to it!! And pita is the perfect bread to wrap it up and it's extremely portable and ready for walking all over Black Spire Outpost!

The Ronto Wrap will set you back $12.99 and Ronto Roaster's does give Annual Passholder discounts. My friend at Ashley Crafted made a DIY version of the Ronto Wrap and its pretty spot on! Make sure you check out her recipe and blog!

a piece of turkey jerky from Disneyland Galaxy's Edge
Nuna Turkey Jerkey Sweet from Ronto Roaster's Disneyland

The Nuna Turkey Jerky has two options. Sweet and Spicy. We choose the sweet. It is a few slices of turkey jerky! Just what it sounds like. It makes a great protein snack when your hungry and wondering around Batuu. The cost is $7.49 and it was very good.

Green and Blue Milk from the Milk Stand travel tips Galaxy's Edge
The Milk Stand Galaxy's Edge

The Milk Stand is THE place to get the highly anticipated Blue Milk from Star Wars! They also made a Green Milk. They are both a Coconut and Rice Milk base and frozen. The Blue Milk has fruity characteristics and the Green Milk has tropical characteristics. The Milk Stand does not have an Annual Passholder Discount.

Check out what we thought of both Blue and Green Milk!

The last food and beverage place is Oga's Cantina. Ok...its more of a beverage place...A bar to be more precise. The only place in Disneyland Park that you can purchase alcohol.

Disabled Disney drinks, Batuu bits and the menu from Oga's Cantina Galaxy's Edge Disneyland
Items from Oga's Cantina Galaxy's Edge Disneyland

We ordered several drinks and the Batuu Bits. Oga's Cantina is amazingly themed! Its very reminiscent of how you would think a bar on one of the outer system planets would look and the DJ is Rex from the original Star Tours!! You only get 45 mins in Oga's Cantina, and if you listen close enough you just might hear some familiar phrases.

My friend Jason got the Jedi Mind Trick which is alcoholic and Jabba Juice. The Jedi Mind Trick has alot of grapefruit in it. So if you like grapefruit you will love this! If you don't...get something else. The Jabba Juice is non-alcoholic and is basically Orange Juice with little Blueberry Popping Pearls! And the little "blue balls" (insert inappropriate jokes here because believe me David did) were actually really good with the orange juice. They were sweet and offset the citrus very well.

We got the Hyperdrive (Punch It), Blue Bantha and the Batuu Bits. The Hyperdrive was really good. It has Powerade in it and I am not a huge fan of Powerade so I was skeptical, But I really liked it. The Blue Bantha is the Blue Milk but chilled not frozen like at the Milk Stand. It also has a cookie with it. The cookie was really good, but I didnt like the Blue Milk chilled. David did and he drank most of it. We also got the Batuu Bits. Which are basically little snack things like wasabi peas and pretzel ish type stuff. It was definitely just a little snack.

We wanted to try the Oga's Obsession which was described to us as being like jello, but they were out. So next trip!!

All in all we were very satisfied with our Galaxy's Edge experience! The food and drinks were terrific! And honestly you just need to try them yourself!

Just a quick word on everyone saying Disney failed in delivering Galaxy's Edge. Um just who do you think you are? I want to see you take a beloved genre and build a world out of it and try to do a better job then Disney did! Walking in there was nothing short of breathtaking. We were all mesmerized by the decor and theme. It truly made us feel like we were not in Disneyland but on an outer system planet somewhere in space. That is what Disney is known for and that is what they accomplished. Yes, its not done yet but I'm glad they went ahead and opened it up this way. It gave us a great experience!

Please check out our Youtube channel and videos on Galaxy's Edge and of course my other blog posts!

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