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Gift Guide For People With Disabilities

a cup holder on a walker with a bottle of orange juice
Wheelchair cup holder

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With Christmas and other December holidays, fast approaching I know gift giving can be very intimidating. Especially if you are giving someone with disabilities a gift! There are so many things that people who have disabilities would like for Christmas!

These are not in any particular order but here is my list:

1. The number 1 thing someone with disabilities mobility or otherwise would like for Christmas is time with you! We tend to be neglected and lonely people who sometimes are not able to leave their house for days on end. We would love it if you would get some take-out or make a picnic lunch and come spend some time with us!

2. Another thing that many people who are difficult to gift that you can give is a donation in their name to cause they hold near and dear! If you are in need of a cause we are raising money for the Alzheimer's Association Walk To End Alzheimer's.

3. With a mobility disability comes problems with using everyday objects. I think this Tablet holder would come in handy for many wheelchair users! Click here to check it out.

4. Using a wheelchair comes with many problems on its own. This handy attachment for cell phones can help someone in a wheelchair. Click here.

5. This is a book holder and when you have arthritis or mobility problems it can be difficult to hold a book. Click here for the book holder.

6. People like to spend time and have fun with their family and friends. But disability can hamper that. Vision disabilities can hamper older people and people with visual disabilities. This deck of cards is made for those people! Click here

7. Another item that can come in handy for people with arthritis or vision disabilities are those huge TV remotes! They can help people who have trouble with small remotes to hold and see the buttons. Click here for a Large Button Universal Remote.

8. People with mobility disabilities, are elderly or have some paralysis may need tools to help them in everyday life. Like a grabber tool! Click here for a lightweight grabber tool.

9. This is something easy you can get for someone who is disabled. Its a holder for the disability parking placard. Click here

10. This is my last suggestion. For people who use a mobility scooter , a wheelchair or a walker, a bottle or drink holder comes in handy! Here is a suggestion for a drink holder. Click here

The item suggestions come from The Wright Stuff! They are an amazing disability supply place. I have bought many items from them and have never been disappointed.

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