Gift Guide for the Disney Lover In Your Life

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

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Sometimes it's difficult to choose gifts for people. Especially when they like things that maybe you don't. Disney can be that type of interest for people. I hear so much, "why do you like Disney so much?" "why are you going to Disneyland again?" For some reason, a lot of people can't understand your love for all things Disney!

I do though. So here is a gift-giving guide for the Disney lover in your life that maybe you don't know what to buy for them! Most of this I have or have used!

For the Disney Foodie:

1. The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook - $14.99 hardcover if you have read my article on Batuu and saw the recipe for Ronto Wraps that is the author of this cookbook! She is amazing and has developed some great copycat recipes!! This is sure to please any Disney foodie.

2. The Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Double Flip Waffle Maker- $74.95 If you are a Disney foodie you probably love Mickey-shaped foods! With this waffle make you can make Mickey waffles at home!

3. Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Crock-Pot. $54.95 if you have Disney foodies chances are they love anything Disney themed. Get them this Mickey themed crock-pot and they will make you something amazing!

4. Disney Theme Park Exclusive Flatware Set- $119.94 Any Disney foodie will love this flatware! Especially the more discerning Disney foodie.

For the Disney movie lover:

1.Give the gift of Disney+- $69.99 you can give the Disney movie lover Disney+ for 1 year! Access to all programming on Disney+.

2. Mickey and Minnie Holiday Fleece Throw- $34.99 if you are curled up movie watching you need a good throw blanket! This Mickey and Minnie themed fleece throw is super cute!

3. Disney Pixar Popcorn Popper- $39.99 if you are watching movies you need popcorn! If you want to complete this gift just add some popcorn kernels!

4. Movie Night Package- $25.99 This is for any movie lover! It's a snack pack and a code for a Redbox Rental.

For the Disney Lover:

1. Walt Life Subscription Box- One time $39.99-$89.99 or you can pay for a subscription $30.99-$79.99 per month. This depends on the type of box you choose. They also have a Black Friday Box as a one time box! These are great and they are mystery boxes full of Disney stuff! We did a review of Walt Life Boxes you can find that here. Use our promo code DisabledDisney10 for $10 off your 1st box!

2. Disney Dreams Collection Thomas Kinkade Studios Coloring Book- $7.79 This coloring book is amazing! It's Thomas Kinkade paintings that you can color! I have this and I love it!

3. Cards Against Disney- $31.99 WARNING: This is NOT for kids! If you have played Cards Against Humanity this is very similar but it has adult topics, adult themes, vulgarity, sexual references, and drugs.

4. One Day At Disney- $24.49 This book covers many people who work at Disney and goes with the show on Disney+.

So many great gift ideas! If you are a Disney lover then you probably want some of them for yourself! Let me know if you got these for anyone and who it was for! I would love to know if they liked my suggestions!

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