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Hacking Disney: 10 Must Haves In Your Bag

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Any trip to a Disney Park requires advance planning. There are some things you need to make sure you take with you. Some things are common sense…money, Park Tickets, credit card….stuff like that. So this is about 10 things that are a must for a happy, magical day at Disney!

1. Cell Phone: Maybe a no brainer but cell phones are important for a few reasons. Newer phones have a camera for pictures and you can download and use the Disneyland App or My Disney Experience App for Orlando. Also a new app called Play Disney Parks is fun to entertain everyone while waiting in line!

2. Cell Phone charger and cord: If you are using your cell all day long you will need to charge it. Brining a portable charger is convenient and they are pretty inexpensive now as well. But if you forget Disney has portable chargers you can get for a fee and change them out during the day.

3. Cooling towel: It can get hot in both California and Florida and having a cooling towel can keep you cooler during the scorching days.

4. Snacks: Disney allows you to bring in food! We love taking granola bars, fruit snacks, individual bags of chips or crackers or whatever treats your party likes.

5. Re-usable water bottle: Disney has water stations with filtered water or you can get a cup of water and ice from any Quick Service Restaurant! Staying hydrated is so important at Disney.

6. Drinks: Disney allows you to bring in liquids as well. As long as it’s non-alcoholic and NOT Glass! We bring in cans of soda and juice pouches. If you want it cooled you can bring in a small 6 pack cooler or ask for a cup of ice at any Quick Service Restaurant!

7. Pre-moistened wipes AKA baby wipes: These come in handy in so many ways! To wipe off tables, clean you up after messy or sticky snacks, and of course for your kiddos!

8. Pain Reliever: It never fails…you get a headache in The Happiest Place On Earth! Having a small container of your favorite pain reliever will help set that right.

9. Sunblock: Even if it’s rainy you need sunblock! And re-apply later in the day! A sunburn is a sure fire way to make you miserable during your trip. Also consider a hat or visor of some sort and whatever sun protection your kiddos need.

10. Chapstick: At least some sort of lip protection. You have wind, rain and sun…all the while a lot of people get dehydrated.

So these items are always in my Disneyland backpack! What’s in yours?

So now you are wondering alright I know what to bring with now how do I book you ask. I am a travel agent with Looking Glass Travel and I can help you book your magical Disney or any other vacation you can dream up! Call me at 480-382-2709 or email me at

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