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Happy Holidays From Disabled Disney

3 women in front of a Christmas tree
Disabled Disney at Disneyland December 2010

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Hello everyone.

During December I like to think back over the year and be grateful for all the blessings we received this past year. This is the year we started Disabled Disney and our blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook and well all of it!

In January we will be celebrating our 1st Anniversary.

There has been so much! I was able to attend a Flock Presents Conference at Disneyland. That was so much fun and I learned so much. We met Courtney of Color Me Courtney and the Gee Family that goes by The Bucket List Family, and the family of SomeDayIllLearn oh and I cant forget Carly Anderson of LipGlossAndCrayons.

We hit 500 subscribers on our YouTube channel. Disabled Disney. Have you subscribed yet? We are on our way to 1000 subscribers! But we need your help! Subscribe and watch videos!

We hit over 2K on Instagram. Disabled Disney. Have you followed us on Instagram? We do put pictures of our adventures and photos and video with our affiliates!

We have over 200 followers on Facebook. Disabled Disney. We post pictures and updates on our Facebook page.

We are almost at 1000 followers on Twitter. Disabled Disney. We use Twitter for polls and announcing quick things and cute gifs and stay in contact with our followers about our YouTube!

On Pinterest we are almost at 200 followers! Disabled Disney. We mostly do pins based on the blog articles!

We also decided to get on Tik Tok and are disableddisney84! We do funny videos and hopefully we make you laugh!

So what does 202 have in store for us? We hope 1000 subscribers on YouTube so help us out and share out our YouTube and subscribe if your not! I am planning on upping the blog to posting 2x per week! Its a goal! More Disneyland and if all goes well Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando and blogs and vlogs to go with it!

But none of this would mean anything without the friends we have made like Angela from Accessible Disneyland Dreams, Chris and Amanda Provost from Provost Park Pass, Kel from GoWithKel, Amanda Gene from Amanda Gene Blog, and many, many more!

It also wouldn't mean anything without YOU who reads this, watches us or likes our social media posts! So THANK YOU! Anyone who supports us!

Do you want to really be one of us? You can buy a Disabled Disney shirt click here. Have you ever thought about monetarily supporting us? You can on Patreon! And if you do we have great Disabled Disney rewards! Click here for our Patreon Page.

If you don't want to or can't financially support us NO PROBLEM! You can support us by reading the blog, watching our YouTube videos, following our social medias and sharing everything on your social medias!

The point is THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family to yours!

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