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How Important is Well-being?

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Melissa drinking a cup of coffee on the Carnival Miracle

What is well-being? Well to me it is taking care of yourself so that you can feel happy or content in your life.

What does it mean to you? It is a loaded question I know. For most of my life, it meant trying to focus on everyone else so I don't have to focus on how I am feeling. As long as I can focus on their needs, I don't have to see how unhappy, stressed and miserable I am. If they could be happy, it would be enough for me.

But that isn't taking care of me. That is ignoring me and my needs and way away from any state of well-being.

I have a blogging should check out her blog. Its called the Wellbeing Blogger. She talks about mental health issues, stress, she does taro readings and more. She also has a YouTube channel and she is trying to get to her 100 so she can name her channel.. Please help her get there.

She defines well-being as "Wellbeing is most freedom from suffering. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It's a full-time job."

I have to say that in my life once I realized that my wellbeing has nothing to do with how happy other people in my life are...I was happier!

I started doing some meditating. I would sit still, quietly, focusing on my breathing. It gives me peace. I started doing some Yoga stuff. My physical issues mean I can't do a lot but I worked with a teacher who taught me to modify and I can do some poses. Again focus on my breathing and relaxing.

It's about finding joy in my life, in what I do and in some ways in how I help people. Because I am a people pleaser. But also realizing that I can be happy as well.

So whatever you do that makes you it...breathe and be happy. Nobody else will do it for you. And occasionally put yourself 1st. Take a short staycation at a local hotel and sleep in. Or take a Yoga class, or drawing, find something that you can do for yourself to make you happy.

Tell me in the comments what wellbeing means to you.

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