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How to Use MaxPass at Disneyland

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Have you heard people talking about Disneyland and Disney's MaxPass and your like "what's MaxPass?" or "that's a made up word" and are very confused? Well I am going to tell you exactly what MaxPass is and how you use it when you travel to Disneyland.

At first when MaxPass came out I was thinking "I will never pay to use a service to get FastPasses". And I thought nobody would pay for this! Boy was I wrong on both accounts! Being disabled even using the DAS Pass, you can use the MaxPass in association with it!

A trick I learned early on is, it's worth it just to buy 1 everyday to get your Attraction Photos and PhotoPass Photo downloads!

For only $15 per person/per day you can add on this service and get your FastPasses directly on your phone AND your PhotoPass Photo downloads!

You can pre-purchase MaxPass with your Disneyland Park Tickets through Get Away Today and with promo code DD2019 you can save $10 off of your 2 night/2 day Park Ticket and Hotel package! And for a low fee they have Layaway so you can make payments on your 2020 vacation package!

Back to MaxPass. Once you are in either Disneyland or California Adventure Park, you can make your 1st FastPass selection on your mobile device! You can make a selection for either Park as long as you have a Park Hopper Ticket.

Pay close attention because on the bottom of the screen when you book your selection because it will give you a time you can choose your next selection. Once that time comes OR you scan your ticket into the can choose your next one!

Keep in mind there isn't always availability. Also sometimes you will look and there isn't anything and 2 hours later you will look again and there is tons! Check often!!!

As for your PhotoPass Downloads you can download ALL attraction photos and photos taken by PhotoPass Photographers! You can also add stickers and borders! For example:

This is the Photo taken by the Photo Pass Photographer:

woman holding Tinkerbell in her hand
Melissa from Disabled Disney photo taken by Disneyland PhotoPass Photographer with Magic Shot holding Tinkerbell

This is the edited one with a frame:

woman holding Tinkerbell with frame that says Where Dreams Come True
Melissa from Disabled Disney Disneyland PhotoPass Photo with frame

Doesn't the frame just add that extra oomph! I love playing with our photo's and editing them!

So there are many reasons to get MaxPass.

*You can use it with DAS

*You can make FastPass selections from your phone

*You can download ALL your PhotoPass Photos and Attraction Photos

*It will save you time and as they say "time is money". Especially at Disney when everything takes longer then it should.

So do you still have questions as to what MaxPass is? Tell me in the comments! I will do my best to answer them! Is it worth it? To me it depends on how busy the Parks are and If I am going to be able to get on the attractions we love! But it's always worth it to buy 1 just for the PhotoPass downloads!

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