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an older womand wearing a white shirt and a younger woman wearing a black shirt.
Gillian from Disabled Disney and her Great Grandmother Mary-Lou

We all have family that we care about. Sometimes when we live apart you can get concerned about them. Especially if they live alone and are elderly or disabled. Most people want to keep their independence with living as long as possible. That's when IAmFine comes in.

IAmFine is a service for people who live alone. Or in situations that they may not be safe. For 2 weeks you can try it free! IAmFine will call your loved one everyday. When they answer the phone they press "1" to confirm they are ok! If your loved one fails to answer the phone, then they try 4 more times in the next hour.

If they still don't answer the call, they notify those in their "care circle". You also have the option to be notified they checked in ok.

Honestly, I wish I had found something like this years ago. See my mother passed away. Two weeks after we took my little sister to college. She might have lived if I had this service for her. She was living alone because my father had passed away 3 years prior.

The week it happened, my husband had been over to her house everyday. So he decided not to go on Friday. To give her a break. On Thursday, I had made plans with her to have my daughter over on Saturday. I didn't know this at the time but on Friday night whatever had happened to her, already occurred.

On Saturday evening, my grandfather called me because my mom didn't answer when he called her. This was actually a common occurrence. She would fall asleep on the toilet and not hear the phone. But then he said, he had called her the night before and she hadn't called him back! Now that was abnormal.

So I called her. She didn't answer. So I grabbed the key to her house and went over there. I pulled up and the garage door was slightly I thought she was in the garage smoking because when she would smoke she would open the door slightly. But she didn't answer me when I called out.

So I unlocked her front door...and the house was completely dark. She always turned on a light in the kitchen at night. And I could hear her cellphone going off. I called out "moooom" really loud. No answer. So I walked down the hall into her bedroom. I turned on the light. And what I found would change my life.

I found my mom...on the floor....barely...breathing...completely...unconscious...she died 2 days later in the hospital. If I had a service like this...I would have known on Friday night that something was wrong. Who knows if that 24 hours would have made a difference....but probably it would have.

on older woman wearing a blue and white tank top, a young girl wearing a red dress with a white shirt sitting in a booth at a restaurant.
Gillian from Disabled Disney age 9 and her grandmother Becky

Then my daughter who was 10 years old at the time would not have lost her beloved grandmother so young! Please know that I am not trying to scare you with this story. It is a true thing that happened to my mother. I am simply trying to illustrate a point.

So if you have a relative that could use this service please click the link and at least try the 2 week trial! Peace of mind has no cost. Believe me. IAmFine.

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