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The focus of my blog is not to help bloggers. I am though trying to help disabled people. Sometimes they are bloggers. So this is about ways to earn money for bloggers. You do not have to be disabled to take advantage of any of these opportunities!

I have found some app and websites that I have made a little money from and I want to share this with people who are like me and disabled and want to supplement their income.

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The first one I will tell you about is an app called WeAre8. It's available on both Google Play and The Apple App Store. I have an I Phone XR. It's a great app. You do photo's or video's for campaign's. They donate money on your behalf to a charity of your choice. Some you do get paid a little money. It pays you through PayPal.

Sometimes it paid for posting to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and sometimes it's for creating a product. There have been campaign's that only put up money for donation. They have some great charities they work with. Like St. Jude's, Humane Society, WWF, Teach For America, Sierra Club Foundation, GreenPeace, GLAAD, American Cancer Society, WHO, Planned Parenthood, Peace Corps, Amnesty International, Save The Children, No Kid Hungry, Water.Org and many many others.

Another app and website I have made some progress on is called Brandbassador. Click on this link to find out more or register. With this one you apply to brands and do missions. Some make actual money some make gift cards for the brands. You build up your points and sales and as you build up you sometimes make more commission, It depends on the brand.

This next one is a website called Intellifluence. This one I have made the most money on so far. You apply for campaigns. And pitch to them why you would be a good fit. If they accept you, you complete the campaign and then they pay you. They also pay you through PayPal.

The final one is called Share A Sale. It is a website that has many, many companies to apply to. I have applied and been accepted by Dollar Tree, Matching Donors, The Wright Stuff Home Healthcare Products and a few others. They have tons though! No matter your niche you are bound to find someone!

I know this isn't my normal type of post...but I want to help people. No matter if they are looking to me for vacation planning advice or how to further their career in blogging. Or if they are disabled and looking for disability travel info.

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