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Interview With Wheelchair Daddy

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

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I decided I would really love to interview other disabled people who love to visit the Disney Parks like we do! I wanted to find out if their experience is similar to mine and how they perceive everything. Looking at it from another point of view. I wanted to see if my experience with being disabled at Disney is just me...or a universal (no pun intended) experience!

This is my first interview in what I hope will be a series of different people...all who happen to be disabled and their experience with the Disney Parks!

Here we go!

1. What are your favorite attractions to go on?

I don't have any specific attractions.  My join in going to Disney is the atmosphere, the accessibility makes the park enjoyable.  Ultimately, I enjoy seeing and watching my son having fun.

2. What is the process like at Disney World for waiting in queue lines?

I use a combination of the Disability Access Card and the FastPass system.  The FastPass gives me a time like anyone else.  The DAC, allows me to skip the line and go to the front.  I'm not sure why they call the DAC a card because it's actually tied to your Magic Band.  There isn’t a physical card.

a man in a power wheelchair wearing a dark grey shirt and jeans, a woman wearing a blue shirt with a Mickey silhouette standing behind him and a boy wearing a dark blue shirt with a Mickey silhouette standing next to the woman. Minnie and Mickey Mouse are on the ends.
Glenn from Wheelchair Daddy and family with Mickey and Minnie Mouse dressed in their Get Your Ears On outfits

3. Have you ever been to the water parks? If yes how was that for accessibility? 

We are not a water family.  So no experience.

4. What is your favorite Park? 

Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

5. Have you been to other Disney properties? If yes is any better in accessibility then another?

When we go we stay at the Disney Resorts.  Overall, they are very accessible.  The rooms 

themselves are a little small but overall not bad.  We have also gone on several Disney Cruises -  excellent accessibility.

man in power wheelchair, with son and wife both wearing dark blue shirts with Mickey silhouette. With Cinderella's Castle in background.
Wheelchair Daddy and family at Walt Disney World on Main Street U.S.A.

6. Do you go to non Disney theme parks? If yes which ones? And how are they on accessibility?

No, only Disney.  We are thinking about Legoland.

7. Any comments or information you think is important people know about you, Disney or accessibility issues!

Disney has adopted a paper straw policy.  So, bring your own!  The parks offer free cups of water.  However, the park policies does not allow the employees to pour the water into personal cups/containers.

8. Please if you are comfortable describe yourself and your disability and what accommodation you need. 

I have cerebral palsy. I'm married and have son who is 7.  Some of the accommodations I need are a roll-in shower, room for a power chair to maneuver.  If cups do have lids then I need to be allowed to use my own cup.

You can find Glenn at Wheelchair Daddy Facebook Instagram Twitter


So this is a little bit about Glenn from Wheelchair Daddy! I do agree with his bring straws statement. The paper straw policy is in effect for all Disney Property. So if you are doing any Disney travel and need to use plastic straws bring your own!

One of the things he mentioned when I asked if they ever go to non Disney Theme Parks is Legoland. We have never been to Legoland but hopefully someday we will. Speaking of Legoland we are an affiliate partner with Get Away Today! They are a full service online travel agency. You can book your whole vacation through them and with promo code DD2019 you can get $10 off!!

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