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Letter to Santa

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white envelopes with a man in a red suit and white beard pressing one
Letters to Santa

The story of Santa Claus is an old one. It started with the 18th-century Dutch story of Sinter Klaas. This is where we get our Americanized name of Santa Claus. It started from St. Nicholas who would secretly gift toys to the poor. The American story of Santa Claus really took off in the early 1900s with the current red suit and cherry red complexion coming from an 1822 poem by Clement Clarke Moore called "Twas the Night Before Christmas".

Every year millions of American children write letters to Santa. They pour out their hopes, dreams and wishes into these letters and then put them in the mail. They wait with excitement and a little trepidation for Santa to deliver their treasures and put them under a tree or in stockings. They can't wait to see colorfully wrapped boxes with bows and ribbons!

Kids can't wait to speak to or see Santa every year! Most of them try and wait up to catch glimpses of him every Christmas Eve.

How cool would it be for your child to get a letter directly from the man himself? I found this company that does that! I don't have a little one but I wanted to pass this on to everyone who has them!

You can get this from Santa's Letter Factory! You can order a letter certified from Santa! Personalized for your child or grandchildren. This could make a great gift for even a niece or a nephew! Do you know any neighbor's children you want to have a magical Christmas?

It is $19.99 for the main letter package and you can add other things to make it extra special. Shipping is $4.95. You can pay through a credit card or PayPal. This is the basic package. They also have a Gold Package and a Christmas Eve package.

They are sent from an address in North Pole, Alaska. So your child(ren) grandchild(ren), niece, nephew or friend will get this post marked directly to them!

This could be just the perfect Christmas Surprise you are looking for!

it is an information page asking for Child First Name, Last Nae Gender and address
Child Info

I would have loved to hear from Santa as a kid! I used to love the excitement of getting to speak to Santa! I would write letters to him in earnest! My daughter says as a kid if she got a letter from Santa she would be so excited! She would have proof he exists and would be excited he finally answered her!

They also donate 10% of sales to Toys For Tots! I love Toys For Tots and donate every year to them! It's such a great organization and they help those less fortunate have a great Christmas!

So tell me, would you have loved to hear from Santa as a kid? Let me know know in the comments!

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