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Magic Happens: New Parade at Disneyland

Photo of a magazine article about Magic Happens parade at Disneyland
Photo of Magic Happens article from D23 Magazine

New stuff at Disneyland always makes me so happy! While seeing the older go away which can be sad, having something new gives us hope and something to look forward to! One of the things I love about Disney, especially being disabled, one of the things I love most about blogging Disney topics is giving everyone a glimpse of how Disney and disabilities work!

I received my quarterly issue of D23 Magazine in the mail! I love getting Disney mail. It has a great article about the new Disneyland Parade...Magic Happens! Disneyland has a place for wheelchairs to watch the parades on Main Street U.S.A. Right in front of the Disney Showcase store! There is a roped off area with a yellow wheelchair symbol.

Disneyland Map Screenshot with the wheelchair area for parade marked
Disneyland Map screenshot wheelchair parade viewing area

The new parade Magic Happens opened at Disneyland on February 28, 2020. This is the first new daytime parade since Mickey's Soundsational Parade in 2011. This new parade will have floats featuring characters like Moana, Coco, Frozen 2, Sleeping Beauty, CInderella, Tiana, and The Sword In the Stone.

The Moana float is about the movie and character Moana. If you haven't seen it yet it's a great Disney story. With a lot of light-hearted and fun moments! Some great music and let's not forget The Rock...yes Dwayne Johnson is a voice in Moana. This incarnation has Moana discovering the power of the ocean just like she does in her movie!

On Frozen 2 float we can expect Anna and Elsa and mystical forests from the movie. I actually haven't seen Frozen 2 yet... I know, I know I am's on my to-do list!

On the Coco float we can experience Miguel and his guitar, the land of the living and the land of dead. In the movie Coco, Miguel crosses over to the land of the dead in search of his great-grandfather!

Writing and photos about the Magic Happens parade from the D23 Magazine
Photo of Magic Happens article from D23 magazine

The music in this parade is the brain child of Todrick Hall and Jordan Peterson. Hall is a singer-songwriter who has appeared on stage for Disney in Beauty and The Beast! He says he has always dreamed of composing for Disney and with this parade he got his wish!

According to this article Disney wanted a "Todrick Hall" style song and he was able to use his unique flair to bring a new and different sound to this parade!

From everything I have heard from people who have seen this parade it is simply amazing! All these new characters you don't normally get to see alongside their celebrity characters from each franchise! From subtle touches to big gestures and I can't wait until I can see this!

Have you seen this parade yet? Let me know in the comments!

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