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More Games!!

You know I am always looking for something to entertain myself that is free! Being on disability and not being able to make much money I have to find low-dollar ways to entertain myself. So I found another website with free games!

They are copies of some of the super popular games and this one is geared toward kids so when I am having a high pain day or a high brain fog day I can play them and not feel so horrible because I can't figure out how to move the piece I need or find the thing that's missing!

Oh so these are also good for little ones too!

I found a few I am really liking..

Cooking Mahjong

A mahjong tile game with food photos, meatloaf, gravy, asparagus, ham, peas and potatoes, salmon, lemon slices and a green herb, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce and meatlballs
Cooking Mahjong

Ok so this one is super fun...instead of regular tiles, you get food! It was making me hungry though lol and while I was playing I was like listing off what I was putting together and long story short David wants meatloaf now lol!

You put together the meals that are listed at the top so you find the 3 tiles that go together and click on them and it will pull them away!

I wasted some time on this one my friends because it was so fun! I think if you have kids they will love this one!

Another one I really liked was Hidden Food Game this one is a find-the-hidden object game.

lots of food photos like pumpkins, eggplant, cheese, also kitchen utensils all on top of each other to conceal the objects you are looking for
Hidden Food Game

Call me crazy but when I want to turn my brain off I go for stuff like this. Where I can just look and don't have to really think. It makes some of those high-pain moments more bearable.

I spent way too much time on this game too...Oh my gosh if you have kiddos who like Lego's they will love this one! Its called Merge Blocks and when I first looked at it I was like...Tetris!

But no it's not like that at all!

a layer of gray squares with blocks that look like little buildings
Merge Blocks

You have to merge 3 of the like blocks to form the larger one! I end up building myself into corners but its so fun! When you hit 1000 points it gives you a time-use thing to destroy something in your way which I have used!

Right now while my pain is so high I am truly thankful I found more games to play to keep my mind off the pain. There is only so much Bridgerton I can watch!

They don't take much brain power to figure out. Although a few of the games were a little hard to figure out the next move on. I didn't really like the Farm Town game. That one was a bit difficult to figure out. But watch if you have a 6-year-old I bet they can and post below if they do!

So this is the main page with all the games so you can go and look at it! You should!! Especially if you are looking for some free online games to distract you or for kiddos!

Tell me in the comments which ones you like!

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