Must Have Christmas Gifts for People With Disabilities

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I know most people when they think of what to get someone for Christmas, Hanukkah or any holiday don't think..what should I get them they have a disability....but maybe you should. Here is why. It's not because you are singling them out because of their's because you have taken the time to really get to know them and their needs.

One of the reasons a lot of families love Disney is their attention to what needs people have and how to fulfill that need. Like wheelchair accessible queues and other things, you need as part of a wheelchair lifestyle. Look at your family and friend's needs and gift accordingly!

Take my niece's and nephew for example. They like toys that allow them to have sensory input. So things that have different textures and feel. But not all kids are like that. Some kids with autism you have to be very careful about what sensory inputs you give them because they may like soft and smooth and if you give them something grainy or gritty they may have a tantrum or meltdown.

I love Fun And Function because they have toys and items that fit a kid's unique personality and needs. They have adaptive stuff for kids of all ages, sensory toys and clothing, wiggle chairs, weighted blankets, and more! You can search by product type, age, goals, or diagnosis. You can get the items that really help kids succeed.

Something that can really help kids is Noise Reduction Earphones! Check out these ones from Fun and Function. They are currently on sale! Regularly $28.99 on sale now for $26.09.

Consider a Break Bag for those with anxiety, ADHD and Autism. This bag is filled with fidgety stuff and great items to take when they need a break! $144.99.

Something that can really help people with muscles, hand or movement disabilities is adaptive kitchenware. Like these items from

You can get a gift certificate so they can get exactly what they want!

If you have someone who likes to garden they have adaptive gardening equipment for people with disabilities and arthritis.

I love my dual showerhead. It is a Delta which means it's good quality. It has a part that is a hand wand and removes from the head. When you are using the wand some water still comes out of the showerhead so I don't get cold when using the showerhead! Mine was $74.97 but they ones for every budget and taste!

They have one for $44.98 and ones for more that you can get in multiple finishes like this one for $131.60.

Home Depot has this grey 20lb weighted blanket. If you are looking for a weighted blanket. I've heard they are good for anxiety and people with sleep issues.

So this one isn't only for people with disabilities it's just fun! Disney+ and The Mandalorian T-shirt. $21.99 and it works for all ages...Especially if they like The Mandalorian!

You can't go wrong with cuddly plush toys! This one is sure to please the Stitch lover in your life!. Its $34.95.

Some people with disabilities need special glassware. This tumbler is cute and Minnie Mouse themed. It has a twist on cap with a slider. $14.99

I personally love these Starbucks 24oz Tumblers. This one is the Make A Wish one. They have them for Disneyland and Walt Disney World as well. I drink a lot of water and always have one of these with me! $27.99

If you prefer hot beverages, this Ceramic Starbucks cup will fit perfectly into your morning coffee routine! $24.99

I hope you find something on this list to get that person in your life that may be difficult to buy for due to disabilities!

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