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New Year, New Goals!! Welcome to 2022

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Hello all!!

This is basically a letter to our viewers and readers about this coming year. We have been doing YoutTube videos and I am trying to get better at editing and making them enjoyable to watch. I have been trying to have at least a video every week. It can be hard sometimes with working, family, home and medical problems trying to do this.

Also trying to have a weekly blog post on here. And posting to SM and our Facebook group. It's a lot for me, because I am the one in our family who primarily does this. I do want to try and make a business out of this where we can travel and show you accessibility for more places. Maybe someday that will be a reality!

We do want to get to 1000 subscribers on our Youtube channel this year and finally hit that goal! If you haven't yet please check out our channel and consider subscribing.

We would also like to have our newsletter I have been trying to do become a monthly thing. I am going to be working on that this year. Make sure you sign up for our email list if you want to get that newsletter.

We have several ways you can support us, reading and watching our content, following our social media and liking and commenting on the posts as well as sharing it costs nothing and helps immensely!!

If you would like to help us financially we have our Patreon Page where we have levels set up starting at $1 per month! We have benefits and Patreon-only content.

If you want to join our Facebook group please do!!

We want to grow as a channel, as content creators and as a family!

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