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New Year New Us

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I can't believe I forgot to write this!! I am sorry!! As I sit here on January 1st, 2021, the 1st day of a new year, I am thinking about the amazing 202 we had! Sure things were a bit of a mess but we had an amazing year!

We are rebranding to Disabled DISventures. I want to cover this a little and why. When we first started this journey and yes it is a journey, I Googled the name, searched on YouTube and other social media's and didn't find the name. However after I started getting some followers and started "meeting" other YouTubers and bloggers, I did find a few with the name Disabled Disney.

Another reason for the re-branding is at the time we started, Disney, was not copyrighted. The previous copyright for the name was held by some random guy in Florida. (Probably trying to make money off the Disney name somehow.) He let it lapse and the Disney Corporation has since re-copyrighted the name. So we felt a little funny continuing to use the name.

There were a few other very minor reasons. You can watch this video!

Now as for 2020, did it throw us curveballs? You betcha! What do you do with curveballs? You punt and run!! So that is what we did! It did make for an interesting year. We went to Walt Disney World for the First time EVER!! While masks made it miserable, you can read about our experience with masks at Walt Disney World, we survived and managed to have some fun, create some memories and just enjoy being a family! Would we do it again? We all said no...but psst....can I tell you a secret? We're going back!!!!!! This year and masks will still probably be required.

What else are we doing? Well as soon as Disneyland opens we will be going back! We are going to try and make it to downtown Disney as soon as California lessens travel restrictions. Crossing my fingers it's soon!

We will be doing more videos so make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel. More tweets, Tik Tok's, Instagram and Facebook Posts, oh and we have a Facebook group now if you want to join!

So come with us on this journey! We will discover more about ourselves, about people, about Disney, about travel, about disabilities, about living with disabilities and I hope you are along for the ride!!!

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