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Review Of Black Tap Anaheim

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

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Man and teen daughter walking under sign that says Downtown Disney
Disabled Disney in Downtown DIsney

Downtown Disney is a food, activity and shopping center adjacent to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. When you take a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim...we highly recommend you spend some time checking out Downtown Disney!

Here's a travel tip: Check out Black Tap Anaheim! Black Tap is a burger place that started in New York, NY. It was a hip and trendy place and they saw the perfect venue to open up shop when Disney revamped the Downtown Disney area.

outside or exterior of the building with a black sign that says Black Tap
Black Tap Anaheim Building Exterior

When you get in line, they have a board with a menu on it. Right there. As you are standing in line you get to a point where they will hand you a menu so you can decide what you want. Though it is a sit down restaurant. They have a counter you order and pay at then they hand you the thing that most places use for their waiting list and then they know where you are sitting to bring you your food and shakes.

the menu from Black Tap in Anaheim, CA
Downtown Disney Black Tap Menu

They are known for their Crazy Shakes! Like the Cake Shake. It's a Cake Batter Shake with Vanilla Frosting Rim coated in Rainbow Sprinkles. It is topped with a full slice of Funfetti Cake, Whipped Cream, Rainbow Sprinkles and a Cherry! It's $17 and just so you know this Shake is only available by going inside the restaurant! We wanted to try it and it's the whole reason we ate there.

a metal cup with a cake batter shake and coated rim with rainbow colored sprinkles, a slice of "Funfetti" cake and whipped cream
Black Tap in Downtown Disney Cake Shake

It's gorgeous looking right? Let me tell you if you like cake and shakes you will love this! There is little cake pieces in the shake because its Cake Batter. Also the Funfetti Cake kinda melts into the shake as you eat it! We shared it among 3 people.

Now my friend Jason who went with us ordered the Bam Bam Shake. It is Fruity Pebbles Shake with a Vanilla Frosting Rim coated in Fruity Pebbles. Topped with a Fruity Pebbles Rice Crispy Treat, Strawberry Pop-Tart, Laffy Taffy, Whipped Cream and a Cherry! They put one of the long Laffy Taffy in it, wrapper and all!!! Just stick it into the shake!!

Don't believe me? Look...

A Fruity Pebbles shake with a Pop Tart, Rice Krispy treat, Laffy Taffy candy, Whipped cream and cherry
Downtown Disney Black Tap Bam Bam Shake

So if you like Fruity will love this shake! This one is available from the Take out Window. As well as Cookies N Cream Supreme which has a whole Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich on it, Brooklyn Blackout which is chocolate with 2 brownies on it, Strawberry Shortcake which has a whole Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bar, and the Cookie Shake which has a Cookie Wich!!! These Crazy Shakes are $15.

They also have just plain Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Black Cherry, Strawberry, Caramel, Nutella, Peanut Butter and Oreo Cookies N Cream shakes available for $9.

Now we also got food. We ordered The All-American Burger (think basic cheeseburger) $16.00,The Texan Burger (a Bacon Cheeseburger) $19 and the Deep Fried Pickles $9. Jason got the Pizza Burger $18. We also upgraded our fries to onion rings. As amazing as the shakes are...the food is where we were disappointed a little.

First off. The hamburgers really didn't have much flavor in the meat itself. I know people love them but I've had better burgers. We paid to upgrade to onion rings and each plate had 3 onion rings. They were pretty big but they didn't taste super great so we were disappointed there.

We also ordered some side sauces. The Truffle Mayo and Blue Cheese. Both of these were pretty good. The Truffle Mayo had a very peppery taste. The Blue Cheese was very rich in Blue Cheese flavor and little chunks of Blue Cheese in it!

The All-American Burger is your basic cheeseburger. They say it's a Prime Burger, American Cheese, Special Sauce (which we left off so I could put Truffle Mayo on it), served on a Martin's Potato Roll and lettuce, tomato, a pickle and french fries. Which we upgraded. You can upgrade to onion rings or sweet potato fries. Gillian and I were sharing the burger so we decided on onion rings.

a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and a pickle and onion rings
Downtown Disney Black Tap All-American Burger

Ok and onto The Texan Burger. Prime burger, Bacon, Aged Cheddar, Onion Ring, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce, Mayo served on a Martin's Potato Roll with lettuce, tomato, a pickle and french fries.

bacon cheeseburger from Black Tap Anaheim
Downtown Disney Black Tap Texan Burger

My friend Jason ordered the Pizza Burger. It is a Prime Burger,Marinara Sauce, Fried Mozzarella, Shaved Parmesan on a Martin's Potato Roll and served with lettuce, tomato, a pickle and french fries. I did try his and it was actually pretty good. It had all the flavor from the marinara sauce and the better cheeses!

a burger with french fries and a side of marinara sauce
The Pizza Burger from Black Tap Anaheim

Lastly we ordered the Fried Pickles. They were very good! It's the only food item we got that I would would go back and order. The pickle slices were very fat and thickly coated with batter. They serve them with House Buttermilk-Dill Dressing. It was a very thin ranch like sauce. I dipped my Fried Pickles in the Blue Cheese Dressing and it was really good.

fried pieces of pickle
Fried Pickles from Black Tap Anaheim

We spent over $90. For 2 meals, 1 appetizer, 3 sodas and a shake. So it is not very affordable for a family. If your budget is low do not go in! The burgers are almost $20 a piece so with tax budget for at least $20 per person. The kid meals are cheaper , $10 is the most expensive kids meal. But to me...that is REALLY expensive for a kid's meal! To get a burger and a shake your going to spend $40 per person. So order wisely.

This post was not sponsored or paid for by Black Tap Anaheim and we are just giving our opinion on our visit!

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