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Side Hustles: Income Disabled People Can Earn From Home

Melissa of Disabled Disney laying down with a heating pad
Melissa using a heating pad on muscle spasms

One of the things that I hate the most about being disabled is not working anymore. I hear people say all the time “it must be so great not to have to work”. And I can tell you it’s not!!! I miss being around other people and having conversations, I miss the income and being able to spend my money without having to weigh what I can and can’t afford because disability is not very much money and I miss the feeling of accomplishment I used to get from working.

One of the reasons I started this blog is because I can work at my own pace and when I am feeling up to it. It gives me something to focus and do but as I am able. Since being at home all the time I have been researching “work from home jobs” and a lot of them are scams but some aren’t!

If you are like me and doing a blog you can consider it a business and promote products! I have recently found a few companies that you can use your blog and social media to promote companies or products.

One is called Share A Sale. You become an affiliate and then apply to companies that use Share A Sale to find their affiliates. We have applied to a few companies and some approved us and some did not. Then you just have to put links on your website or social media posts and if someone makes a purchase you make a commission. It doesn’t cost the buyers any extra. The companies are basically paying you to bring them customers. Share A Sale also has a referral program so you can refer people.

If you would like to sign up click here!

Another place I found is Shop My Likes. This one does not require any purchase! Just people to click on links you make. It’s super easy to use and more people are willing to help you because it doesn’t require a purchase! You can put the links in blog posts, on your website, on your social media and even emails! Just ask people to click on the link!

If you would like to sign up click here and use referral code bXWon it is case sensitive.

SHop Your Likes logo
Shop Your Likes loading Page

This next one is not related to a blogging business but is easy to do from home. It won’t make you a lot of money but I have been making $20-40 per month. It’s taking surveys from home! You just need a computer and a microphone. It’s called User Testing. It’s very easy. You make $10 per survey. Sometimes they have higher paid ones.

If you would like to sign up click here.

User Testing Logo
User Testing Loading Page

I’m sure there are more like this out there but these are ones we are using or have tried. I would never recommend a company or product that I myself don’t use or like. It’s something to keep in mind. You want to be considered trustworthy to your followers and readers. You also want to keep what you recommend within your niche. Have fun with it!

If there is a company you really like you can check out their website and see if they have an affiliate program to support them and in return you can make a little money!

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