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Stress Relief Ideas

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Life is so stressful these days. No matter who you are, what you do, or how much money you have...stress is everywhere. So what do you do about it? For a long time, I would just push it down and try and ignore it. That is so unhealthy. So now I have a list of healthy activities I do to relieve stress!!

Adult coloring books- yes I love to color and that hasn't changed since I was a kid. I still buy kid coloring books (honestly) but I have come to love love love adult coloring books. They have so many options. I also love using colored pencils with them. I can take them with me and have them in case I get anxious or stressed out...

We love to play computer games. Like a lot and not just computer games we have Nintendo gaming systems and handheld gaming systems. I have found this website and best of's free!! No ads either to annoy you. The website is easy to navigate. I did have a friend with low vision look at it and she was having issues with her screen reader loading some of the games so be aware of that if you have visual disabilities.

They have so many great games to play. My favorite is the "classic" arcade games....they remind me so much of going to the arcade as a kid and playing those classic games.

They have Neon Invaders (aka Space Invaders) and it is so much like that famous arcade game from the '80s. I love it!! I would sit for hours playing it on our Atari as a kid! Using your arrow keys to move and the space bar to shoot it brings me back to all those fun moments as a kid. I can lose myself and all my worries in this stuff.

They even have educational games for kids! So while they think they are playing they can actually be learning. I know when Gillian was little she used to love her computer time. I would make sure part of it was doing something educational. If you have a kiddo with autism or other cognitive disabilities it could be a great site to give them some screen time and you don't have to worry about cost or ads!

There is a search bar so you can search for game types and topics. There is a section for new games so you can see what's new. All the games even have instructions for the play to help you learn a new game!

It is instructions on how to play Brick Out
Game Instructions-Brick Out

Another thing that I do to relieve stress is listening to music. I of course love Disney music and listen to Apple Music and the Disney Radio Channel. I also listen to Disney music on Pandora and I bought some Disney music through iTunes I have on my phone. I have a playlist and I just put in some headphones and escape into the music!

I also do some yoga and meditation. I have some rain sounds and a guided meditation I bought that I listen to when I do light yoga and meditation. I do some basic stretches and modify poses to sitting. If they are standing. I learned some yoga poses and how to adapt them in a class I took a few years ago.

I also travel for stress relief! Yup I do...I love to travel and go to Disneyland and now Walt Disney World. We also do little in-state trips that are close and only a few hours away. It can be as simple as a day trip up to the Phoenix area for some shopping and lunch or a little longer up to Flagstaff or Sedona for a day or two!

We have even done staycations ins a hotel when we are stressed and just need a break! Make it what fits you and helps you relax and unwind!

Having a few ideas on hand to help relax is always a good idea. If you use any of these tips let me know how they work for you? Leave a comment and let me know how you relax!

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