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Thankful November Photo A Day Challenge

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Thankful November Photo A Day Challenge

Hey all! I am so excited that I am able to bring you a November Thankful Photo Challenge A Day!

What's a Photo Challenge A Day you ask? Well it will be on our Instagram . And it's very easy! All you do is take a photo or use one you already have with the photo prompt of the day!

Take Day 1 for example. The prompt is Nearest and Dearest. So what is Nearest and Dearest to you? Think about it for a moment and then snap a pic! Post it to your Instagram with the #DDthankfulphotochallenge! If you want to explain it in your can! If you just want to leave the pic with the # you can!

There are really no rules! Just have fun and be thankful for what you have! This prompt will help you see what you have to be thankful for!

So will you join us?

I hope to see all of you posting! I want to know what you are thankful for!

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