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This Is an Apology

Hello! Its November of 2022 and all I can say is I am sorry! This is an all-out apology to anyone who loves my blog as well as myself. I promised myself I would start writing 2 blogs per week a year ago and not only have I not done that I haven't even made the weekly one a priority! So I am apologizing to you, anyone who reads my writing that I haven't been more consistent...but I am also apologizing to myself and trying to give myself compassion and grace.

My life has been crazy and chaotic and busy these past few years. I tried (and failed) to start a business as a travel agent and while there are probably several reasons for that (failing at it) that business is no more so I can go back to devoting more of my time to building this business and writing and getting better at that and of course videos for YouTube and silliness for TikTok and photography for Instagram and all the other crazy things we do!

Plus my customer service job and just the full-time job that being disabled is. Because let's face it, it is a full-time job! With doctor visits and medications and other therapies and just pain, nausea and whatever else my body throws at me for symptoms of things, it is A LOT!!

But whatever is going on I am going to make getting back to this a priority for me!!

Watch out the rest of 2022 and 2023!! I am going to start writing again!!

woman wearing a purple dress arms over head with white sparkly lights overhead
Melissa from Disabled DISventures

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