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Tips For After Travel

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Coming Home. My Stairs

We always talk about preparing for travel and during travel. Today I want to talk about tips and tricks for coming home! It is just as important to care for yourself when arriving home from a vacation. Have you ever heard or said the phrase "I need a vacation from my vacation"?

I know I have! We do so much on vacation. Most of the time I do more on vacation then I do at home. Especially when it comes to Disney trips! My normal daily routine is completely obliterated for these trips.

Let me tell you how I prepare to come home.

The first tip happens when you are planning your vacation. Yup all the way then. I look at how many days I need to have to recover for when I get home. I need time to unpack, reacclimate to my surroundings, do laundry so I make sure to schedule time off work as part of my estimates on how much time I need for my vacation.

Advance planning helps stave off flares and issues on returning home. For this next trip I have 2 days planned to be off once I get home. So I have time to rest, get laundry done and get my mindset back to normal activities and work.

Another thing I do is make sure we have some frozen meals available for when we get home. For the first few days it can exhausting. And nobody wants to cook. We always have some easy to heat meals in the freezer. If you don't want prepackaged food you can cook meals and put them in containers in the freezer. Or if you have an InstaPot you can make prebagged meals in gallon freezer bags ready to go you can throw in your Instapot!

You can also buy shelf stable items like coffee creamer, canned fruit, cereal bars, and plenty of items to have so you can have some basics covered so you don't have to run to the grocry store when you get home!

You can also order groceries to be delivered for when you come home. Just like ordering groceries on vacation, in most places you can order groceries at home. Do this especially if you need milk, bread or fresh fruit when you come home.

Something simple you can do is make sure your trash is taken out before you go so things don't get stinky. I also make sure and clean out the refrigerator of anything that will go bad while we are gone, and get that taken out. I don't want to come back to a science experiement in my fridge.

We also unplug any non-essential electrical things while we are gone. Not only does it save the electric bill while we are gone but it's a safety thing as well.

We have a Ring Doorbell and I make sure that is charged up before we go. That way I can monitor people around my home while we are gone. There is nothing worse then something happening while you are gone and your security camera's are dead!

Something that I didn't used to do but have started doing lately is changing my sheets before I leave so they are fresh when I come home. There is nothing better then sleeping in clean sheets. Especially after a hard day of traveling.

We also have a light on a timer outside so that if it is dark when we come home, we will still have light! We will also leave a few strategic lights on at home. It can also give the appearance that someone is there to would be theives. This is a safety tip and a preparing to come home tip!

The last thing I do is give myself permission to relax and not rush. The worst feeling about coming home is I feel like since I am home I need to be working, or cleaning or doing something. Don't. Take a day, stay in bed, read a book, watch a movie and order pizza. Give yourself premission to rest and relax. After all you didn't go on vacation to make coming home another chore, right?!

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