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Universal Studios Orlando Mardi Gras Party

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The blue Universal Globe with Melissa from Disabled DISventures a woman mid-40's caucasion wearing brown sunglasses and a white shirt and green camo sweater
Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios in Orlando has many events and parties throughout the year. One is the Mardi Gras event and this year it was Feb 5- April 24, 2022. I was lucky enough to be able to go!

At this event, they have special food, decorations, a parade, and performers. They had a concert series as well. I got to experience so much of this event and I had so much fun! I have videos up on our YouTube channel that you should check out!

I think my favorite part was all the decorations!

Lights at Mardi Gras. It is a design in the ground made with lights.
Lights at Mardi Gras

They had so many lights and theming to Mardi Gras! It was purple and green and very pretty.

They also had food trucks with food from New Orleans, which I didn't end up trying but they smelled amazing!!

The other really great part was the parade. They had stilt performers, dancers, floats and more! It was so great! They threw so many bead necklaces! I caught some!! It was so fun. And it's all family-friendly so you can take your kids.

They had the stilt performers and dancers out before the parade taking photos and interacting with the guests! It was so great to be able to see them and interact with them!

Caucaion female mid 40's with a white shirt in foregraound and performers in purple and yellow "space themed" costumes behind her
Melissa from Disabled DISventures with performers at Universal Studios

If you want to go next year, contact my friends at Get Away Today and they can help you plan your trip! Use our promo code DIS10 for $10 off your vacation package!

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