Virtually Experience Attractions at EPCOT

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EPCOT or the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow was Walt's dream of the perfect future community. His idea was people could live and work and this would be a design on how to have our community's in the future! Walt passed away before he got this dream off the ground floor. Now it is more of a theme park than a community.

In my course of experiencing this Park for disability travel resource information and of course Disney disability info because each Park is different, we had a lot of fun!

Are you missing EPCOT? Well then settle in and read on!

1. Frozen Ever After- this ride is through the story of Frozen. Join Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Christophe and Sven!

Video by Disabled Disney

2. Test Track by Chevrolet- you can virtually make a car (not right now due to COVID) and test your car!

Vide by SoCal Attractions 360

3. Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros- boat ride through the Mexico Pavillion with the Three Caballeros!

Video by BigFatPanda

4. Mission Space- hurtle through a simulator that shows you what astronauts go through on a mission to Mars! There is a Green side which is milder and Orange which is full force! Tell me are you team Green or team Orange?

Video by TheCoasterViews

5. Spaceship Earth- You have the Phoenicians to thank for modern language!

Video by Disabled Disney

6. The Sea's With Nemo and Friends- Go under the sea with Nemo and his friends!

Video by BigFatPanda

7. Living With the Land- a tour through the greenhouses of the Land Pavillion!

Video by- 4K WDW

8. Soarin' Around The World- Fly in a hang glider in Soarin' Around the World!

Video by LL Adventures

9. Journey Into Imagination with Figment- take a ride into imagination with the original ride her Figment!

Video by Fun In The Sun Floridian

10. EPCOT Forever Fireworks!

Video by DarthVader92

11. Canada Far and Wide- presented in Circle-Vision 3D

Video by DarthVader92

12. Beauty and the Beast Sing A Long! Come experience the story...with a twist!

Video by Disabled Disney

13. Reflections of China- ancient and modern China a video in 360 degree Circle-Vision

Video by MartinsVidsDotNet

14. Turtle Talk with Crush- Come and chat with a turtle!!

Video by Leo Jian-Li Wang

15. Full Aquarium Tour- walk through the aquarium

Video by Princess and the Bear

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