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Virtually Experience the Attractions at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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My next Walt Disney World Park in this series of Virtually Experience Walt Disney World is Disney's Animal Kingdom. Being disabled I always do a lot of research prior to going anyplace new. Even a Disney Park. There really isn't a ton of Disney disability info out there.

Part of that research is watching videos online of the attractions. We watched a lot of these before we went. I need to know what I can and can't do for attractions.

Have you checked out our list for Magic Kingdom?

If you or your kids love animals this is the list for you!


1. Expedition Everest- this is a rollercoaster through the mountain and protected by the Yeti.

Video by CoasterForce

2. Kali River Rapids- water rafting ride through rapids

Video by MrDizneyKing

3. Kilimanjaro Safaris- this attraction takes you through the Harambe Reserve

Video by Disabled Disney

4. Dinosaur- this is an attraction takes you on a trip to rescue a dinosaur

Video by Sharp Productions

5. Na'vi River Journey- a boat ride through the story of Avatar following the Na'vi people

Video by Disabled Disney

6. Flight of Passage- Fly on a Banshee from Avatar

Video by Disabled Disney

7. Wildlife Express Train and Rafiki's Planet Watch- board the train and experience animals in an up-close fashion with a petting zoo

Video by The Unofficial Guides

8. Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail- native African wildlife

Video by John65

9. Triceratops Spin- A spinner attraction themed for dinosaurs

Video by Sharp Productions

10. It's Tough to Be a Bug- this is such a cute show! Themed after a Bug's Life.

Video by Inside The Magic

11. Up! A Great Bird Adventure- Come with Kevin and Dug and meet birds.

Video by Inside The Magic

12. The Maharaj Jungle Trek- More animals!!

Video by Sharp Productions

13. Pangani Forest Exploration Trail- and guess what more animals!!

Video by Sharp Productions

Does watching all these make you want to visit Disney's Animal Kingdom? You can go through Get Away Today and use our promo code DDCREW for $10 off!

Have you read our Virtually Ride all the Attractions at Magic Kingdom?

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