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Walt Disney World and Other Orlando Parks Have Announced Opening Dates

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From Fox 35 Channel Orlando, FL

So we had our shut down and now it's time to start re-opening everything. For people who are disabled and with auto-immune disorders it still might be time to take it slow and stay home. That is up to each individual person. I know for me, I would rather live than to stay at home in fear of a virus. I will die someday from something. That is inevitable. So I am going to go!

Walt Disney World announced a staggered opening of Disney Springs earlier this month and they opened on May 20th. On May 27th they opened some Disney owned properties at Disney Springs. From what I heard they had a virtual queue line and it was a 6-hour wait at one point.

Walt Disney World will open Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on July 11th and Hollywood Studios and EPCOT on July 15th. The resorts have not been announced which will open yet but my understanding is they will only open a certain number of resorts in each bracket and if you have a reservation at a resort that doesn't open you will be moved to appropriate resort based on the type you reserved.

I am unsure about the water parks as well. I haven't heard anything announced about them. They have also suspended new tickets and packages and room reservations for the time being. So if you don't already have aren't getting in.

They are going to have a reservation system in place and also require masks, temperature checks, social distancing, have hand washing stations as well as hand sanitizer all over the Parks. I have asked but as of right now there is no consideration for people with auto-immune disorders who run higher temperatures or people with breathing problems and wearing masks.

Be prepared if you are planning on going.

Universal Studios in Orlando opened Universal Citywalk on May 14th. They are also requiring masks, temperature checks, and social distancing on their property. They are opening Univeral Studios and Islands of Adventure on June 5th. They are operating on a 1st come 1st served basis.

SeaWorld in Orlando is shooting for a June 11th opening day. They are requiring face masks, temperature screenings, physical distancing and have implemented contactless payment systems throughout the Park. Also, they have eliminated single rider lines.

Legoland in Orlando will be opening June 1st and they will have a 50% capacity limit, will require temperature checks, and will no longer accept cash as a form of payment. They also want guests to leave a spot between cars in the parking area.

So do you want to go and visit any of these places? Disabled Disney has 2 ways to get you there.

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We do want to thank you for reading our blogs and your continued support.

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