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What To Watch on Disney+

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Disney+ is Disney's new streaming platform. Well it's not really new anymore it has been out for almost a year now. The only way you haven't heard about this is if you are living off the grid! They have over 100 million subscribers!

If you are like me I bet you are like....what do I watch. So I am going to give you some recommendations for Disney+. I am going to break it down into categories. So if you see one you like you can stop and look. If not you can scroll to the next one!

Original Content AKA Disney+ Originals

  1. The Imagineering Story- this is about how different aspects of the Disney company came to be, like Disneyland. It's about how they build, develop and what Disney calls Imagineer is and what they do.

  2. Disney Encore-If you like musical theater this one is for you! They take a cast of a high school musical and give them 1 week to put on the same musical as adults. It's great!

  3. Disney Be Our Chef- This one is super cute. It's a family cooking competition. If you like watching cooking shows this one will be right up your alley, or kitchen?

  4. The World According to Jeff Goldblum- Ok so when I watched this one I was a little skeptical. But it is funny! He covers different topics and how things work with them in the world and it is hilarious.

  5. One Day at Disney Shorts- The One Day at Disney book and the shorts on Disney+ are so cool. It gives you looks at different jobs within the company and how things are for them at work.

  6. Disney On Pointe- If you have a dancer in the family you will love this show! Its about the School of American Ballet in New York City.

  7. Disney Behind the Attraction- Goes in-depth with the making of different Disney attractions. It's great!

  8. The Secret Society of Second Born Royals- this one is super cute if you have a teen or like those teen angst-type stuff. What do second-born royals do? Well, they become superheroes of course!

  9. Monster's At Work- this picks up right at the end of Monster's Inc. It is so funny and since I love Monster's Inc. so much and I didn't really like Monster's University I was a little skeptical. I loved it! We got new characters that are funny, engaging and help the story along as well as returning characters that we love!

If you like Star Wars

  1. The Bad Batch- This is a Disney+ original and it is great if you like Star Wars. It follows a group of clone troopers from right when general order 66 is given. We can't wait for season 2!

  2. Star Wars Biomes- This is not a show per se. It's just video of locations with some music. It can be a calming thing to run when you are doing chores or working in your home office.

  3. Star Wars Vehicle Fly Through- This is the same type of thing as the biomes but with vehicles. It is cool though.

  4. The Mandalorian- If you haven't heard of Groghu then where have you been! This one is super Star Wars packed but with some cool new characters.

  5. Star Wars: The Clone Wars- This is an animated show based on what happens during the Clone Wars.

  6. The Star Wars Vintage Collection: These are in the collections and it is Star Wars from the 80's. The animated movies we watched like Ewoks! If you are older the nostalgia is there if you are younger these are must-watch for any Star Wars fans.

  7. Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Collection: This is where you will find all the Star Wars movies that are the original trilogy, the 2nd trilogy and the brand new Disney trilogy so all 9 movies!!

If you have little ones

  1. Disney Junior Collection- This one is Disney Junior shows like Fancy Nancy, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and a lot more!

  2. Forky Asks a Question- This one is super cute. It's Forky from Toy Story and it's him trying to figure out the world. I love it and I am 43!

  3. Shorts- They have shorts for Toy Story, Up, Cars, Monster's Inc. I am sure there are more I am forgetting but they are some super cool stories..If your littles like the movies check out the shorts!

  4. Classic Mickey Cartoons- Yes they have some of the classics! Like Fun and Fancy Free, The Prince and the Pauper, The Three Caballeros and more!

If you like Villians

  1. Descendants- This one and the next 2 movies are a very fun take on the Villian aspect.

  2. Cruella- I know this will probably be like "what" but I don't really like 101 Dalmations...but..I loved Cruella!! This new take on her is refreshing and edgy. Little's this movie is not for. But it is amazing!


  1. Marvel Collection: Has all the movies from Iron Man to the Avengers and everything in between.

  2. Loki- It is a Disney+ original and it is so fun! If you haven't seen it yet it's a masterful take on the God of Mischief.

  3. Wandavision- I loved this one. If you haven't seen it give it a shot. It starts off a little weird but it does explain it and it gave me all the feels!

  4. What If.- This had me hooked with the very 1st episode. What if Peggy Carter became Captain America?! I mean yea!!! Just watch it. You will love it!

  5. Black Widow- I love Black Widow the character. This movie wasn't exactly what I was expecting but it was still really good.

If you like Holiday Movies


  1. Twitches and Twitches Too- I love these 2 movies! It stars Tia and Tamera Mowrey and it's based on a book series. Not spooky so it's ok for little one's.

  2. Halloweentown and the sequels- If you love Debbie Reynolds you will love these movies just for her parts! At least the 1st and 3rd one anyway. It's a great series for elementary-age kids and tweens. And even adults who yearn for the simple times of youth!

  3. Hocus Pocus- I mean is there any better Halloween movie from Disney?

  4. The Muppets Haunter Mansion- We watched this just a few nights ago and it is cute, funny and so many jokes!

  5. Halloween Collection- Halloween-themed episodes of shows, shorts, movies all together in one easy spot to find them!

  6. The Nightmare Before Christmas- This one can be a little scary for little's but it is a super cute take on Halloween and Christmas- as well as a love story!


  1. Noelle- This is a super cute Christmas movie about Santa's daughter.

  2. The Nightmare Before Christmas- see above

  3. The Santa Clause and sequels- These are my favorite Christmas movies!! I love The Santa Clause movies. If you haven't seen them what are you waiting for?

  4. Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas- This is a great Mickey takes on Christmas spin and make sure you watch Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas!

  5. Prep & Landing- When these guys are on the job Christmas will go off without a hitch! It is so funny. We watched them when they initially came out on ABC and they are a Christmas tradition in our house.

  6. The Muppet Christmas Carol- This is a very funny take on the Dickens classic story.

If you like FOX

  1. The Simpsons-ok so I can't believe I am saying this but you can watch the Simpsons on Disney...It's because they bought FOX.

If you like Princesses

  1. The Princess Collection- Has all the movies and cartoons of the princesses together. It has live-action, animated, series, shorts, anything Princess-themed.

If you like nature or Nat Geo

  1. Exploring Our World Collection- It has the Drain the Oceans, Movies, series, The Wild series, Ancient Mysteries series, Nat Geo kids and more all together.

  2. National Geographic Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom- it goes in-depth on the animals and care of them from Disney's Animal Kingdom Park.

So I can keep going there is so much great content! What has been your favorite thing to watch? What out of this list have you not seen that you plan on watching?

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