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Why Planning is So Important For People With Disabilities on Vacation

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Travel is something that can be super chill or completely planned every moment. I know that most people are either-or. I love last-minute trips but sometimes it doesn't make for an easy trip. Being disabled I do need to have some plans.

Knowing what you need and what you can do/handle is super important. Like I know I will need to go to the bathroom every few hours so when we do road trips we plan to stop every couple of hours and build it into our travel time.

You can use travel builder websites. I just use Google Maps and look at the route we are taking and find places to stop every few hours because it will tell you the approximate time to destinations. Averaging 65 miles per hour that means every 120 miles or so I need to find someplace I can stop.

If I am in a car, I also bring distracting things. Like I have movies on my phone and iPad. I will listen to music and talk to my hubby. I also try and sleep if I can because we are able to go much further without stopping if I can sleep.

It's also really important in choosing your accommodations. Sometimes when I am booking last minute I have a hard time finding handicap accessible because there are very few handicap accessible rooms. They tend to fill up quickly.

Some places have full handicap rooms and some have partial handicap rooms as well. This is very popular on cruise ships. They have some full handicap rooms and some partial depending on what you need. Since I am ambulatory and don't need to transfer from the wheelchair to the bed I get the partial ambulatory rooms which have more space for the wheelchair but not enough to fully turn it around.

That is where the distinction is. If you can completely turn the wheelchair around, it's a full handicap room.

I can usually deal with a non-handicap room if I have to because I am ambulatory. It is more difficult for me with my mobility issues to have a non-handicap room but I can do it. Thus the importance of knowing what you can and can't do.

A resource for finding accessible hotel rooms that you can use is I have several resources for finding accessible car rentals. You can rent wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

I also normally don't go to any place that I don't know what the accessibility is unless I do a lot of research first. First I need to know if I need my wheelchair or my mobility scooter. That depends on the distance, what the accessibility is and what we are doing. I like to try and use my mobility scooter because then I am not dependant on someone to push me. Since I am not "wheelchair-bound" I only have a medical wheelchair. It is made for someone to push you. I can wheel myself a little but it's mostly for someone to push you. Which is hard on my family and less independent for me.

The nice thing about my mobility scooter is it comes apart easily for travel!

I will never stop traveling. I love it so much! I just have to plan more and be more careful about where I go and what I do which means more planning and less spontaneity in my travels but still so much fun!

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